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Editor’s Note: A popular presenter at our Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas, Maria Miranda and her colleague, Nicole Anllo are in the process of helping Clubs/Bars of all markets/sizes “makeover” their social media messaging with the goal to convert the socially challenged to the socially gifted. In the months ahead, this column will share the real-world examples of the Bars/Clubs who competed to win a free makeover in exchange for sharing their experiences to benefit others. How can this column help you? You’re not alone in your challenges, and here you’ll find challenge related advice. If you’d like your Bar/Club to be featured in this column, share your challenge/needs with us:  Don’t miss Maria and Nicole’s presentations on social media at the Nightclub & Bar Show next week!

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The “Rocket” has Launched! – Understanding Promoted Posts at the Rocket Shop Café

The Rocket Shop Café in Bakersfield, California is well on its way from socially challenged to socially gifted. The restaurant/bar has taken on a series of social media growth tactics over the past few months, which have resulted in more followers and more active conversations online. When we first met the Rocket Shop Café team, they were faced with many common challenges including: getting patrons to find and interact with them on social media, using social media consistently and learning how to use paid advertisements/promoted posts to help their Facebook presence flourish. Let’s take a look at their current social stats to see what kind of growth they’ve experienced:

Rocket Shop Café Stats


Starting dashboard

Current dashboard

Facebook Likes:



Facebook Check Ins:



Fans Talking About Page:



Twitter Followers:




Now that’s some serious growth! The Rocket Shop Café experimented with many different strategies to enhance their social media presence. According to Rocket Shop Café owner, Michael Harmon:

“Some things have worked extremely well, and others not quite as much but there's definitely more going on and more people engaged” he said. One of the tactics that has worked extremely well, and that we’ll delve into today, was running Promoted Posts.

Promoted Posts – Purpose, Costs & Strategy

Running Promoted Posts, a low cost way to make your page posts appear higher in fans’ news feeds, is a great way to increase the chance your audience will see a post. All page posts have the option to be “promoted” for a small fee, usually around $5-$25 depending on how many people you want to reach. Next time you write a post, look for the “promote” link on the bottom right of the post box to see what price options your page has. By “promoting” a post for a small fee, Facebook ensures that your post will surface on fans’ and friends-of-fans’ news feeds. Rocket Shop Café experimented with promoted posts by promoting a post that included information about their Valentine’s Day menu. As a result, the post was viewed by over 2,000 people – more than double the number of fans the Rocket Shop Café has. The post also received 31 likes, 10 comments and 2 shares – making it a highly interactive post.

Choosing to promote a post about a specific event is always a great idea because it not only promotes your page in general, but also promotes a call to action. In this case, the call to action was to make Valentine’s Day reservations and the post enticed action by sharing information about menu options and pricing.

Important Note About Creating a Post to be Promoted– Usually, Facebook does not allow businesses to promote posts that include photos with a lot of text. If a promoted post is rejected because your image has too much text in it, try posting a simpler photograph and including a link to the information (such as a menu) on your website.

The Lasting Effects of Paid Growth

By looking at the behind the scenes stats we can see that the paid promoted post increased the page’s overall reach in mid February, as one would expect. However, what’s extremely important here is to look at the reach of the page at the end of February. While not as high as the initial spike due to the promoted posts, the reach at the end of the month was still significantly higher than at the beginning of the month. The reasoning behind this is that the promoted post did two things:

  1. Helped to grow the number of fans – by delivering this post to newsfeeds of friends-of-fans, the Rocket Shop Café was exposed to a whole new pool of potential fans and grew in number of likes as a result.
  1. Helped to improve the EdgeRank of Rocket Shop CaféEdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that determines which stories appear in each user's newsfeed. The algorithm will show Facebook users updates from people and pages they interact with most frequently. By running a promoted post, Rocket Shop Café pushed content in front of their fans, making it easy for them to click on the post or visit their page, thus increasing overall interaction with the page. The more interaction with the page, the higher the chance that EdgeRank would push future content from a page to those fans. Therefore, even after the promoted post ended, those fans who clicked on the promoted post continued to receive more content from Rocket Shop Café than before, because the page’s EdgeRank improved thanks to the promoted post.

In summary, promoted posts work well to gain exposure with your current fan base, to reach new potential fans within your current fans’ groups of friends AND to enhance your page’s EdgeRank and therefore appear more frequently in your fans’ newsfeeds. Rocket Shop Café’s use of a promoted post, along with a few additional social tactics such as in-house signage, helped to successfully grow the restaurant’s fan base; and a strong fan base is the first step to strong social messaging!

To learn more about the Rocket Shop Café’s other social techniques; join us at the Nightclub & Bar show in Vegas next week. Our presentation “Helping the Socially Challenged” will take place on Tuesday, March 19 @ 3:10pm.


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