Frozen Frenzy!

By offering innovative frozen or blended drinks you can amplify your menu and turn a hot profit. Most customers equate frozen cocktails with fun, so keep it that way! These colorful frozen concoctions are a great way to beat the summer heat as it reaches its peak before fall.

Tim Williams of Pour Souls Cocktail Club in Chicago, an interactive mixology company which offers weekly classes, private events, high-end bar catering services and event planning services, gives us the down low on what’s fresh for these seasonal favorites.  

Nightclub & Bar (NCB): What are you noticing this summer about the popularity of frozen cocktails?

Tim Williams: On the one hand, you have traditionally spirit forward cocktails being turned into slushies. One example is the "Negroni slushy" that is served at Parson's Chicken and Fish in Chicago. On the other hand, you have things like daiquiris, margaritas, etc. being turned into frozen concoctions but using natural, fresh ingredients rather than mixes, which is what has historically given frozen drinks such a bad name.

Livin the High Life Margarita

Created By Kim Haasarud, Liquid Architecture and author of 101 Blended Drinks
Photo credit: Alexandra Grablewski

NCB: Any advice on how to mix the perfect frozen cocktail?

Williams: To make a great frozen drink, I would build just your favorite cocktail in a glass - DON'T SHAKE IT- and then just take the contents of the glass, ice included, and blend it all. You don't want to shake because you don't want to pre-dilute.

NCB: How important is ice in the mix? 

Williams: Honestly, for all of the to-do that people make about ice in craft cocktails, it doesn't play a huge role in frozen drinks.

NCB: What are some of your favorite recipes this summer?

Williams: All of my favorite recipes for the summer involve a lot of citrus and lighter spirits. Nothing beats a Hemingway Daiquiri or a Tommy's Margarita on a ridiculously hot Chicago afternoon.

NCB: What industry trends related to frozen/blended drinks are you seeing this summer?

Williams: I think that what's trending in frozen drinks is generally what's trending with cocktails as a whole - revival. Looking to the past to see what we can improve on and then providing the finished product to the masses.



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