Galliano Turns aGolden Cadillaca to Golden Vespa with Nationwide Cocktail Contest

Galliano l’Autentico announced today the winners of its nationwide challenge to create a new cocktail inspired by classic Galliano drinks such as the Harvey Wallbanger, Golden Cadillac, or the Yellow Bird – for a chance at winning a custom, Galliano-themed golden Vespa.

The winners, representing New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, each collected the most votes among entrants in their respective cities and are now the proud owners of a 2012 Vespa LX50. Winners dominated two rounds of judging: one by a Facebook fan vote narrowing contestants down to five in each market, and each city’s final five were judged by panelists locally to select one final winner per city.

Lucas Bols USA reintroduced the original, 1896 recipe for Galliano L’Autentico nationwide in 2008. Galliano L’Autentico is presented in a very recognizable tall, slim bottle with tapered, flat sides reminiscent of a Roman column. Its vivid golden hue alludes to the iconic Gold Rush when thousands of Italians flocked to California in search of new opportunities, experiences and wealth. Named after the charismatic Italian war hero, Maggiore Galliano, Galliano L’Autentico provides a similar thrill for mixologists and home bartenders looking to add a new level of artistry to their liquor cabinets or cocktail concoctions.

Winning cocktails:

Name: Jeremy Lake
Bar: Playa Restaurant
City: Los Angeles
Winning drink: The Italian Motorcade
1 oz Liquore Galliano L'Autentico
½ oz Yellow Chartreuse
½ oz White Creme de Cacao
¾ oz Manufacturing Cream
¼ oz Galliano Ristretto
Absinthe rinse

In a mixing glass, stir Galliano, Chartreuse, and Creme de Cacao.
In a shaker drip whip the cream and Galliano Ristretto.
Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with a small splash of Absinthe.
Strain mixture from mixing glass into the cocktail glass.
Using the back of a spoon, slowly layer the whipped cream and Ristretto over the top of the cocktail.

Name: Ken Griggs
Bar: Union Sushi and Barbecue
City: Chicago
Winning drink: The Lovely Rita
1.5 oz Yamazaki 12 year
.75 oz lemon
.75 oz maple syrup
.25 oz Galliano
egg white

Mime shake
Hard shake with ice
Strain coupe, sidecar
One dropper of Bittercube Blackstrap bitters on top

Name: Josh Taylor
Bar: West Bridge
City: Cambridge, MA
Winning Drink: Wheelwright
1.5 oz Fino Sherry
1 oz Dolin Bianco Vermouth
.75 oz Galliano
.5 oz Wray & Nephew Over proof Rum
2 drops Orange Blossom Water

Combine Galliano, Sherry, Vermouth, and Rum in a mixing glass and stir with ice.
Strain into a cocktail glass and finish with the Orange Blossom Water.

Name: Matt Clark
Bar: Silver Lining
City: NYC
Winning Drink: The Hole in the Wall
½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz Peach Liquor
¼ oz Cinnamon Bark Syrup (boil 1 L of water with 20 cinnamon sticks and add 1 lb of Demerara Sugar stirring until fully dissolved)
¾ oz Fresh Orange Juice
¾ oz White Rum
1 oz Galliano

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake with a small piece of cracked ice.
Strain into a collins glass with ice and top with soda.
Garnish with a Cherry and an Orange Wedge


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