Gaz Regan Authors New Gin Compendium

gaz regan, the bartender formerly known as Gary Regan, is pleased to announce the arrival of his second baby, the bartender's GIN compendium.

"Going the self-publishing route this time has been very interesting for me," says gaz.  "It's allowed me to say some rather naughty things that the big boys might not have let me get away with."

See the links below for a sneak peek inside the book:


Introduction (the whole damned thing)

Chapter One (the whole damned thing, though it's really really short)

Bartenders and Other Cocktailians featured in the book.

Gins (including Dry Gins, Genevers, Old Toms, and Plymouths) featured in the book.

Cocktails: A Small Selection of Cocktail Recipes Culled from the Over 250 Gin-Based Concoctions in this Book


Trade Paperback: $23.99 (around 6.5 cents per page)  Hard Cover: $30.99 (under 8.5 cents per page)

(Yes, we included the index in the "price-per-page" thing.  It's 354 pages long, sans index)

Discounts for bulk orders (Trade Paperback only, 25-copy minimum) write to [email protected].


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