Getting Started With Twitter

TwitterTwitter is often compared to a cocktail party, where friends gather to share information and people connect through common interests. But if you’re new to the party, there’s a good chance you’re unsure of when and how to dive in. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming for you to get started. There are countless ways that nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and other venues can leverage Twitter to the benefit of the business.

The most obvious way—and the way most people think of Twitter—is to promote yourself and your business. Whether it’s sharing content you’ve created, linking to your website, or tweeting pictures and videos—it’s a great way to showcase your business to a wide reaching audience. You can tweet about specials, happy hours, events, new menu items, customer birthdays and anniversaries, community events, employees of the month, links to blog posts, and foursquare mayors.

You can use it as a form of customer service. People love asking questions on Twitter because the communication is quick. And it’s a really effective way to respond to your customers.

Twitter is also useful for doing research and discovering information. You can do searches of different topics and follow people within your industry. It’s a great way of staying on top of industry news and learning about new trends and services that can help build your business.

How can your business stand out on Twitter?
It really starts with making your content easy to digest. Things like “Weekly Beverage Specials” are always good because it lets potential customers know exactly what they’re getting into. Or using words like “Always” or “Never” or “Best” or “Worst”— catch people’s attention.

On Twitter, people are always asking, “Why should I care?” So think about what your target audience will care about enough to click, retweet, or reply to your tweets. Remember to keep it visual. People love photos, videos—anything visual will typically drive big engagement.

Best practices:

Know what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to promote your business or drive activity to your website? Do you want to provide your customers with an easier way to connect with you online? Or are you just trying to add a new element to your next event? Take some time to decide why you’re on Twitter and what you want to get from it. Let that guide your content.

Make sure that people know you’re there. Link your Twitter feed to your website, link to it on Facebook, announce it in your email newsletter. The bottom line: make sure you are using all of your marketing channels to loop people in.

Be active. Post at least a couple of times a week. When people are searching for people or interests to follow on Twitter and they go to your profile and see you haven’t tweeted in a month, they might not follow you.

Provide value to your followers. People want to know what’s in it for them and they want to know how following you can help them. If you’re not offering anything, they’re not going to follow you.

Share the love. If people are promoting you on Twitter, show them some love back. A retweet can go a long way on Twitter and so can mentioning someone when you share their post.

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