Gizmodo: Brewtruc: San Franciscoas First Bar On Wheels

From Gizmodo:

San Francisco is a food truck mecca. From burritos to Irish/Eritrean fusion — if you can think of it, someone’s probably already serving it out the back of a van. But where does one get a sudsy man soda to wash down his artisan lamb sliders? From the only mobile taproom within the city limits — Brewtruc.

The Brewtruc, which debuted in October of last year, is the brainchild of Hugh Schick, a San Francisco-based catering truck designer. It grew from his previous work on the ultra-popular Le Truc mobile eatery. “The phrase Le Truc means ‘Gizmo’,” Schick explained to Gizmodo. “I thought it was a good pun on truck but also on gadgets — it’s the ultimate gadget.”

And boy, what a gadget it is. Schick first scored a gently used, 1997 12m school bus with 145,000kms on its AT466 Cummings diesel engine for a measly $US4000. He then spent an additional $US55,000 converting it into a mobile bar. Schick and his team installed a 93-inch (236cm) keg fridge in the rear of the bus that holds six full-sized 60-litre kegs from local artisan brewers. These kegs feed 12 individual taps — six interior and six exterior — and are cooled by a 20-litre glycol chiller system. A propane-powered generator runs the system when the engine is off.

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