Golden Tee LIVE 2012 Sets Records

Arlington Heights, IL - Golden Tee LIVE 2012 is spreading across the country faster than any previous version of the game. Locations are updating their old games at a record pace. During the first month it’s estimated that well over one million games will be played on the new 2012 courses.

Golden Tee

“This is a testament to the power of Golden Tee,” said Incredible Technologies senior sales VP, Don Pesceone. “But more importantly, we want to alert those locations that haven’t updated yet to do so. Everyday that locations wait to update results in a loss of revenue.”

The buzz on Golden Tee LIVE 2012 has been unprecedented. USA Today ran a feature on the new game and there have been thousands of posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter.

Golden Tee LIVE 2012 comes with 5 brand-new courses and a host of new features designed to attract new players while keeping die-hard fans enthralled for hours. All the popular features return too including YouTube Great Shots. YouTube Great Shots allows players to upload any super shot they hit to YouTube. To date over two million great shots have been uploaded to YouTube.

According to Pesceone, the company’s research shows that for every dollar that goes into a Golden Tee game, an additional $3.00 is spent on food and beverage.

“If your establishment doesn’t have 2012 – your players are going to your competitors. Call your amusement operator today and get your 2012 update installed now.”

To view a listing of all the updated locations and to view all the new 2012 features go to

Locations that are not serviced by an amusement operator – and need more info on Golden Tee LIVE 2012 – should call the IT Info Line at 800.262.0323 x 106 today.

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