Gran Sierpe Pisco Introduces Its Latest Installment: Gran Sierpe Pisco Acholado

What is Gran Sierpe Pisco Acholado?

Pisco is a spirit made 100% from the finest grapes grown in Southern Peru. There are 8 varietals that can be used in standardized Pisco production. The delectable GSP Acholado is a blend of three prominent grapes ranging in flavors and aromas. The product is a blend of 50% Quebranta, the least aromatic Pisco grape, with the other 50% consisting of Torontel and Italia grapes, the most aromatic of all Pisco grapes varietals.

Gran Sierpe Acholado

What does the Acholado taste like?

Floral aromas with a hint of lavender and stone fruit. On the palette it is viscous and smooth with rich flavors of grape, salt, and a distinct rawness that gives it a slightly peppery finish. The Acholado variant is very flavorful and complex for a white spirit.

How is Gran Sierpe Pisco Acholado produced?

First Step is the vineyard and growth of grapes. Without a well grown grape there is no good Pisco. GSP hand selects from the harvesting process to only choose the most primed and ready grapes for fermentation and distillation.

Second Step is fermentation. The grapes are cleaned, pressed and their juice fermented for a period of approximately 18 days. This juice produces a low wine at roughly 8% to 10% ABV. In producing Acholado, each grape varietal is fermented separately.

Third Step is distillation. Gran Sierpe Pisco is hand crafted in a traditional alembic process. Using a gas heated copper pot still, the fermented grape is distilled into the final product: a white spirit collected at its body from 38% ABV to 43% ABV. The Acholado is bottled at 42%. In producing Acholado, each grape varietal is distilled separately.

Fourth Step is repose. Pisco fresh from the still must sit in repose for a minimum of 3 months. GSP reposes in stainless steel tanks, keeping each varietal separate until it is time for bottling.

Fifth Step is bottling. Gran Sierpe marries together the three varietals of Pisco which have been fermented, distilled, and left to repose separately into one flavorful and floral creation we call Acholado. A perfect, happy medium between the world of aromatic and non-aromatic varietals.

Gran Sierpe Acholado is meant to be enjoyed in your favorite Pisco cocktail creation or even neat, perhaps with a cube of ice and a splash of lime.


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