GuestCounts Hospitality to Host Children's Charity Event in Philadelphia

GuestCounts Hospitality will host an Industry-Only Late-Night Brunch event June 10 from 9 p.m. to midnight to benefit Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) at Square Peg restaurant in Philadelphia.

CORE is a food-and-beverage-industry funded 501(c)3 charity; 100% of the funds raised from operators, food and beverage suppliers and distributors are used to benefit children of restaurant/hospitality employees who are afflicted with life-threatening conditions or whose families are affected by significant life-altering circumstances. 

All food and beverages served at the brunch event will be provided free of charge; guests are being asked to “pay what they want” for the meal. One hundred percent of the money collected during the event will be donated to CORE. Guests must provide proof of hospitality industry employment by bringing in a valid hospitality industry pay stub to participate. Each industry employee may bring one guest who does not work in the industry.

GuestCounts Hospitality has committed to promoting awareness of CORE and supporting this charity by hosting the event as well as promoting a grassroots marketing campaign.

• Restaurant managers/staff: Reach out to managers and staff of local restaurants to give them information about the event and charity.
• Hotel concierge: Reach out to concierge desk of local hotels to give them information about the event and charity and ask them to invite hotel employees.
• Restaurant vendors: Enlist food and beverage distributors that have a large sales force in and around Philadelphia to spread the word to their restaurant and hotel customers about CORE and the event.


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