GuestHouse at Stingaree

Name of Lounge: GuestHouse at StingareeStingaree
Location: San Diego, Calif.
Ownership/Parent Company: Muse Lifestyle Group
Square Footage: 2,750
Capacity/Seats: 350
Open Date: June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011, marked the unveiling of GuestHouse at Stingaree, a new premiere nightclub experience located within the first floor of San Diego’s award-winning Stingaree nightclub in the city’s famed Gaslamp Quarter. A haven for celebrity guests and the city’s sexiest partygoers, the three-story, 1,250-person capacity Stingaree has continually generated super-star buzz since opening in 2005. With a reputation for celeb-studded nights, exceptional service and world-class DJs, Stingaree not only has surpassed the typical shelf life of a popular nightclub, but continues to deliver innovative and trend-setting experiences. With the opening of the “venue within a venue,” GuestHouse at Stingaree provides patrons with an unparalleled stimulating adventure and once again demonstrates the ability of the forward-thinking and trend-anticipating team behind the concepts.

Designed with the inspiration of an avant-garde and seductive library, GuestHouse serves as an independent, 350-person-capacity venue within the mega club, embodying the glamour of decades past while embracing the future of nightlife. Featuring plush, oversize couches and banquets, scattered bookshelves and alluring lighting, the lush ultra-lounge blends old with new, masculine with feminine and sexy with sophistication. Vibey, but with an edge of vigor, patrons are met with a high-energy, luxe adventure delivered by the veteran nightlife team with unique ventures playing on the guest experience. With a heavy focus on electro and house music, GuestHouse’s weekly lineups reads as a who’s who of prodigious local and regional up-and-coming talent, peppered with headliners from around the globe, offering a rare opportunity for guests to experience world-class DJs and the rock stars of today in an intimate space.

For GuestHouse’s stunning audio and visual system, the Stingaree team tapped industry leaders John Lyons and AV Concepts, respectively, to yield a combination of sensory experiences that is unmatched in technology and performance. John Lyons, regarded by many in the industry as one of the world’s elite, crafted the-ultra lounge’s extensive sound system, which features a sound-engineered DJ booth created by Lyons specifically with the needs and comforts of a DJ, including a spacious design and the latest equipment. Complimenting powerful beats is an unparalleled lighting system featuring texture mapping, a method of adding detail or surface textures through 3D graphics, installed by AV Concepts. Effectively turning GuestHouse’s architecture into a massive digital canvas, AV Concepts created a custom 90-foot-wide, seamlessly mapped and blended projection surface that covers about 75% of the lofty wall space. Utilizing multiple HD projectors, a custom AV Concepts Scenic HD server and content designed specifically for the venue, GuestHouse harnesses the ability to transform its look and feel instantly projected images, such as the San Diego skyline and Champagne bottles pouring over patron tables, stay fresh throughout the night with signature content and full 3D animations.

“The team at GuestHouse gave us full support and creative freedom, resulting in a completely immersive and evolving environment that will make any club-goer stop and stare,” AV Concepts Creative Director Curt Apanovich says. “The technical team we employed for this project has accomplished some of the most challenging projection jobs in the world, and we are proud to have been a part in the creation of such a unique and innovative venue.”

Stingaree 2The Stingaree brand has been at the forefront of nightlife, both locally and nationally, since opening more than five years ago. The key to the team’s long-standing success is constantly evolving to bring experiences to their patrons that create unforgettable memories and incredible experiences, which was again demonstrated through the launch of GuestHouse at Stingaree. Immediately known for their level of service since inception, the Stingaree brand continues to boast some of the top VIP host(esses) and staff in the city, and their experience and level of commitment to client experiences shines through in GuestHouse at Stingaree. The staff training program is extensive, and the management team encourages growth from within, which has developed a staff that is truly entrenched in the nightlife culture, resulting in a unique insight into patrons’ state of mind and long-lasting and personal relationships with some of the top party goers and celebrities in the region. First-rate service is ingrained in the team’s culture, and the fleet of bartenders and cocktail servers consistently strive to be second to none.

While GuestHouse at Stingaree (as well as Stingaree) is a high-end nightclub experience, on par with the upper echelon of venues in Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, it constantly offers market-competitive beverage prices and gives added value to patrons through highly trained mixologists, cocktail servers and support staff who go above and beyond to ensure every party goer’s experience is exceptional — from regular club goers to VIP bottle-service clients. The Stingaree brand is a perfect example of a nightlife brand that has stood the test of time: The team has weathered the challenges of an incredibly volatile economy, doing on average $10 million in sales per year and shows great resilience at a time when many competitors have fallen by the wayside. The venue, as a whole, continues to be the market leader as a destination for high-end bottle service and overall nightclub experiences, and GuestHouse at Stingaree furthers the tradition of exceptional service and premiere nightlife adventures.

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