Has TAO Solved the Millennial Nightclub Problem?

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As nightlife operators are painfully aware, Millennials are not visiting nightclubs as often as their Gen X cohorts. Multiple studies have revealed the main reasons for the eschewing of clubs as social destinations worthy of consistent, repeat visits:

  • Inability to socialize easily.
  • Expense.
  • Impersonal experience.

It appears, however, that TAO Las Vegas has addressed these Millennial nightclub misgivings.

More accurately, it seems Mike Snedegar has come up with the solution for attracting Millennials and other guests looking for social interaction at nightclubs. Snedegar is TAO’s entertainment marketing director, and last December he started tackling this serious nightlife issue.

By April of this year, Snegedar’s concept was fully realized and implemented at TAO in Las Vegas. Dubbed V.I.We, this approach to nightlife and bottle service speaks to Millennials’ desire for communal experiences. Most importantly, the V.I.We package takes direct aim at the main reasons Gen Y nightclub attendance has been so low (as stated above):

  • Clubgoers share tables and bottle service.
  • V.I.We offers guests the V.I.P. experience for a fraction of the usual cost.
  • Guests who opt for the V.I.We experience interact with one another, forming relationships over the course of their visit.

Snedegar has found that his shared VIP concept attracts more than just Millennials. Guests who are a party of one have received V.I.We positively, as have those who are partying on a budget but want to enjoy table service. Watch the video below the learn more about TAO's new VIP package.

The V.I.We package proves that TAO and Snedegar are able to keep up with changing times and speak to a changing customer pool. In the era of Snapchat and Instagram profiles taking the place of exchanging phone numbers, Uber and Taphunter, V.I.We is an absolutely brilliant read of today’s societal transformation.

“The customer has changed. My main goal is to offer another level of a VIP experience,” Snedegar told Las Vegas Weekly, “I’m trying to create another party within the party.”

And if guests are willing to pay a price somewhere in between cover and personal VIP service, why shouldn’t an operator provide that experience? Perception changes for the better, guests leave happy and are excited to return, and operators make more money.

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