Have It Your Way

Just as your patrons are particular about their drinks — shaken or stirred, draft or bottle, salt or no salt — we’re growing increasingly particular about how and where we receive information. I turn to print media as well as the Internet for news and articles, look for tweets and Facebook alerts on my BlackBerry and open e-newsletters that hit my inbox, clicking through to read what interests me.

Chances are you also use many different forms of media, so we at Nightclub & Bar are busy expanding our offerings, both the types of content and also the formats that accommodate you best. While the print magazine continues to deliver business-building articles and columns, throughout its pages you’ll also see ways to engage with NCB in the digital world to not only find more detailed information but also to offer your own two cents. Need something just for you? Our four free e-newsletters each deliver timely information and ideas on a specific area of the business — bars, nightclubs, chain restaurants and, with the launch of NCB Promo Power, promotions. At nightclub.com, you’ll find new navigation tools to get you to original articles and columns, as well as news and recipes, all designed to help grow your business. Click on the Community tab and register to join the growing number of nightclub and bar pros swapping ideas, posting blogs and photos, and commenting on articles.

Have a question? Join the conversation on the recently re-launched NCB Forum discussion board, where bar and nightclub operators are free to converse and share information about running their businesses in an environment free of sales pitches. Check it out — all you’ll spend is time, but what you could learn might jump-start your sales or help you hold down costs.

Of course, we also give you the ultimate way to connect, through the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, March 7-9, 2011. Check it out at nightclub.com or ncbshow.com. More options are on the way, so stay tuned for announcements about new media and events, because no matter how or where you want your business-building info and ideas, Nightclub & Bar delivers.

See you at the bar (in our pages, online and at The Show)!


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