Hitting The Spot In Soho

The Spot, a sultry new grotto opening at the Trump SoHo, is part owned by Danny A. Abeckaser, who’s also a budding movie star. His stint in Holy Rollers, as Jackie earned him noted recognition not only as an actor but producer. He is fast on his way to movie stardom and his upcoming roll in ICEMAN might just seal the deal.

However, Abeckaser known to all as Danny A is a trusted friend and confidant. He is surrounded by the beautiful and enjoys success on every front. He first got his start in the nightlife business as a promoter. How he stays on top is lost on many of his brethren who look at the business in the short term and burn bridges that would have taken them in the direction Danny A is headed. Nightclub & Bar caught up with him as he is about to open his new spot aptly named The Spot in the Trump Soho Hotel.

Nightclub & Bar (NCB): First of all congratulations on new "spot.” Tell us about why you chose the name The Spot.

Danny A Abeckaser: When I was 18 years old I went to Miami for the first time.  I had no money and couldn't get into any clubs. There was a small bar called the spot and I loved the name. Plus, I get calls all the time from people saying “what's the spot tonight”. So that how I got the name.  

NCB: You’re an actor, producer, owner and dare I say promoter. Where does one career start and the other end? Are they equally as important to your creative process?

Abeckaser: Well we all started as promoters and I love that I was one. Some say I was the best. I like to think it’s how I got to where I am. Now, that I’m a partner in a few places including Avenue, The Spot and Marquee, I understand all the business aspects of running a venue and what goes into the creativity of keeping a place hot and cool. When my involvement in movies and production came about I thought about stopping nightlife but I realized why not do both. Once one becomes too big I’ll have to pick but for now I am managing both. I love movies and I'm excited to see what happens later this year when ICEMAN comes out. And of course I have a partner, Noah Tepperberg, who’s got me covered if the movie career takes off.

NCB: Since you are becoming a celebrity in your own right, tell us about the experience a celebrity seeks in a nightlife venue.

Abeckaser: I'm friends with lots of people famous or not and they all want the same thing. A place they can go and not be written about or bothered. As for me, I'm no celebrity but we’ll see what happens after May 3 when ICEMAN comes out. Haha.

NCB: You once told me the key to having beautiful women in you venue is never "hitting" on them.  Can the girls bring the celebrities to a club? What crowd adds to the venue?  

Abeckaser: I don't see why anyone would go to any place if there weren’t hot girls there. However, as for the girls, they just want to dance without someone bothering them. Every place is different in terms of the ‘in crowd’. As for the spot it’s small so it’s mostly friends and people we feel add something to the room.

NCB: I noticed that you have star DJs at your opening this Wednesday. Is the music a driving force with your crowd or does it just need to be cool enough?

Abeckaser: Ju-ske owns a piece of the spot so of course he's DJing the official opening night. However, overall we want to include rock and old school vibes to. Then later in the night the music will get little chubbier.

NCB: Is there an advantage to having the spot in the Trump Soho building?

Abeckaser: Trump Soho is the first big five star hotel in downtown NY. It’s not a bad place to have a nice small lounge.


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