The House of RA(C)my Martin Ignites the Night with First Clear Spirit from its Legendary Vineyards

NEW YORK (September 2010) – Things are clearly getting interesting: The world’s leading producer of Fine Champagne Cognac announces the launch this fall of Rémy Martin V. V – pronounced Vee, the French word “Vie” for life – indeed brings the life to the party!

Remy Martin V

This new clear spirit masterfully blends the savoir faire, rich flavor and aromatic richness of the House of Rémy Martin with the smoothness and mixability of the premium vodkas, tequilas and gins that have become popular with contemporary drinkers. With the launch of V, Rémy Martin delivers the best of both worlds to the contemporary nightlife scene in the form of a sexy and luxurious alternative.

According to Vincent Géré, Director of Rémy Martin Cognacs and Estates, “Life is at the heart of what we are hoping to achieve with the launch of Rémy Martin V. It is a completely new and unique endeavor for the House of Rémy Martin, whose masterful production, exclusive innovations and generations of tradition have led the brand for nearly three centuries. V breaks the boundaries of what we thought a spirit from our legendary vineyards could be. The first clear distilled grape spirit from Rémy Martin, V is sure to take the spirits world to a new level of innovation.”

Rémy Martin V will be available early September at the most exclusive nightclubs in Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay area.

The Making of a Rebel
As with everything Rémy Martin has been doing for centuries, Rémy Martin V starts with the selection of the finest grapes grown in the top two crus of its legendary region. They are then doubled distilled on the lees in small copper pot stills by the Master Distiller according to the same proprietary process that has made Rémy Martin the leading luxury cognac in America. Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet – only the fourth in Rémy Martin’s past 100 years – then blends these strictly selected eaux-de-vie, a French expression meaning “water of life,” to reveal its unique aromatic intensity and the perfect harmony of a broad range of aromas and flavors.

But rather than aging in oak barrels – the final step in the cognac-making process – which gives it color and a big rich flavor, Rémy Martin V is filtered using a bespoke process that chills the spirit to -10a| Celsius, which ensures a beautiful, transparent color and unparalleled smooth, fresh, clean taste.

Like all of Rémy Martin’s products, V’s exclusive grapes are only harvested once a year, at the beginning of fall. The ice-cold filtration process takes place in the depths of winter to render the grape eaux-de-vie wonderfully transparent and smooth. It rests during the spring to allow its flavors to marry and mellow. It is then available from summer onwards. This limited availability, in addition to the extraordinary selection of grapes, quality craftsmanship and precise blending by the Cellar Master, accounts for Rémy Martin V’s highest quality and exclusivity.
The Taste

Unlike a vodka, which is by definition colorless, odorless and tasteless, Rémy Martin V has subtle flavor and a sophisticated aroma. It’s fresh, smooth, clean and easy-to-drink with hints of pear, and nuances of fresh mint. Although delightful on its own ice cold or over ice, it was born to be mixed: It is simply perfect with any mixer or prepared into any cocktail.

A Mixologist’s Dream
Rémy Martin V makes any mixed cocktail sexier. Try cranberry, apple or pineapple juice, or add ginger ale, colas, tonic or sparkling water. To create a series of new signature cocktails, Rémy Martin has turned to top bar chef Charles Hardwick of NYC’s Blue Owl who has developed such curiosities as the V Sting (made with cayenne pepper), the Belmondo and the Pomme V.

Things Are Clearly Getting Interesting
Rémy Martin V is latest innovation for a brand that has been “getting interesting” for quite some time. The brand’s advertising campaign, Things Are Getting Interesting, asserts that whenever Rémy Martin is enjoyed, it is a signal for insider intelligence and belonging – a promise of new inspiration and verve. To support Rémy Martin V, the brand’s “clear” proposition, a new ad campaign has been developed to portray the electrifying energy, excitement and merge of creativity born from the introduction of Rémy V to nightlife. This multi million dollar campaign will run on outdoor spectaculars, digital projections surrounding the most exciting nightclubs, hot urban radio stations as well as a trend-setting magazines. A series of V-VIP events are planned.

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