How Millennials Have Changed the Face of Hiring

Image Source: Shiftgig

If there’s one thing that people have right about Millennials, it’s that their habits are changing how employers have to manage their workplace. In the future, gone will be the days of waiting for an employer to share last-minute weekly schedules or working in bars that don’t offer culture and advancement. Rather, Millennials seek out employment with flexibility in terms of when they work, as they want more control over their lives. In fact, 67% of Millennials value having a flexible schedule. As management, it’s pertinent that you take note of this changing workforce.

So, why is it important for management to understand how Millennials want to work? The answer is simple - it’s going to affect the way that you hire. By 2020, Millennials will be making up 75% of the workforce. Your bar will be in trouble if you can’t attract this workforce majority. To make your bar more appealing to potential employees, start with the application process. Online applications that are mobile-friendly will streamline the process for both parties. After the application, make changes to your interview process. Asking applicants what their professional interests are outside of the job duties listed gives you a better understanding of how they can grow, and lets them know that they have room for advancement. It’s also important to lay out what the goals are for the position.

The next step is to review your plan for employee retention. Once hired, you want to keep your employees engaged. For example, one way this can be done is by allowing employees to grow in their roles through taking on more responsibilities. This shows that you care about their personal development as well as what’s best for the bar. Remember to keep the communication lines open and be receptive to feedback. Lastly, stop posting their shift schedules in the break-room. Instead, start scheduling using a mobile scheduling app.

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