How to Please Everyone: Batch Gastropub

Image Source: Batch Gastropub

The saying goes that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Well, it seems that nobody working at Batch Gastropub, located in the urban Brickell neighborhood of Miami, Florida, received that memo. Rather, owner Kevin Danilo is clearly targeting every demographic…and it’s working. Spend a little bit of time reading reviews of Batch online and you’ll see that no target has been missed.

Batch Gastropub enjoys a 4-star rating on Yelp, OpenTable and Foursquare. Online reviewers have listed the elevated pub as “fit for foodies,” “kid friendly,” “good for groups,” and even “romantic.” Other keyword tags include “late-night find,” “great for brunch,” “great for lunch,” and “vibrant bar scene.” That last tag is apropos, as OpenTable has the venue listed as one of their Miami/Southeast Florida Top 10 most vibrant bar scene restaurants. It’s common to find a bar and restaurant lauded for their brunch or praised for their speedy and delicious lunch. Batch, on the other hand, hits on all cylinders and does so consistently. They kill it during lunch, dinner, happy hour, late-night, special events and brunch.

Delicious, modern pub food is just one element that makes up Batch’s success story. Read just a few reviews and you’ll learn that their truffle cheese fries, Mac Attack (gnocchi mac and cheese to which you can add several enhancements) and prime brisket burger are absolute must-tries. Those are just 3 of the creative takes on comfort food that are elevated without being over-engineered. Speaking of engineering…

Batch uses technology, engineering and craftsmanship to deliver a memorable customer experience that lends itself to loyalty. The gastropub’s drinks menu offers house-made sodas, syrups and bitters, in-house infusions, cocktails on tap and barrel-aged spirits. Guests are even able to use table-side taps to pour themselves on-tap cocktails, cutting down wait times for drinks and alleviating some of the strain that can be placed on bartenders and servers.

Some may scoff at cocktails on tap but Batch obviously does it right; 2 of their tap concoctions are featured on their happy hour menu and are wildly popular. Their 305 Collins is mint-infused Absolut, fresh passion fruit, house-made lemon soda and carbonation on tap while their Gypsy Pepper is a combination of red bell pepper-infused Bacardi Añejo and Superior, Aperol, strawberry simple syrup and lime juice. These creations are a mere $8 during Batch’s 5PM to 8PM happy hour (and their drinks start at just $5 during their late-night special, starting at midnight and ending at 5AM).

The popularity of Batch’s happy hour and late-night menus, innovative tap cocktail program, dedication to in-house infusions, positive reviews and truly wide appeal are all evidence that the gastropub has succeeded in capturing their target demographic: everybody. It may be time to toss the old maxim about making everyone happy out the window.

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