Independent Bars Celebrate Tavern Month in May

This May, beer, wine and spirits retailers encourage everyone to celebrate Tavern Month by supporting America's local bars and taverns. In addition to responsibly providing an array of innovative and cherished brands and products, America's bars and taverns provide jobs to millions and a setting for camaraderie, friendship and hospitality like no other. Tavern Month is a chance to raise awareness of the history and future of these local businesses in communities across the United States.
Even before George Washington bid his Revolutionary War troops farewell at Fraunces Tavern, Americans have celebrated their lives with their friends and neighbors at their local tavern. Representing the best of America's community spirit, the locally owned tavern is at the core of America's character.
Many owners of these businesses have worked for years to build a home away from home. They remain some of the last locally owned businesses in their communities' downtown area, and their owners quietly work hard to give back, providing millions of jobs, entertaining tens of millions of patrons each year and giving to thousands of charities throughout the country.
"America has celebrated its rich history at the local tavern," says ABL executive director John Bodnovich. "Now, more than ever, it's important to recognize the role that these places play in their communities and the fact that they provide much more than just the products they sell."
Bar and tavern owners continue to place a strong emphasis on responsible service by training employees and incorporating programs to promote responsibility. By utilizing technology and working with enforcement and regulatory groups, licensees are doing their part to continue a tradition of responsibility.
"When constructing a solvent plan for combating alcohol misuse issues, there is no one better to consult than a beverage licensee," says Bodnovich.  "Working day in and day out to responsibly serve their customers and communities, they understand the accountability that comes with their businesses, and they take it very seriously."
America's retailers of alcohol sales are in many ways the face of the beverage alcohol industry to the consumer. Staunch supporters of the Three-Tier System, ABL and its members continue to oppose any threats to the stability of the alcohol industry.
What makes local bars and taverns special is the unique nature of the places themselves. They are a reflection of their community, their customers and the fiercely independent proprietors who reflect themselves in their business. Be it the corner pub, a trendy lounge or a family owned and operated tavern, you won't find any two the same.
"In the face of homogeneity and uniformity in parts of America's eating and drinking culture, America's independent bars and taverns remind us of the individuality and uniqueness of our cultural history in hospitality," says Bodnovich.
"This May, we're raising a glass to the more than 300,000 independently owned bars and taverns in the United States, to the people who work hard to keep their doors open and the millions of good jobs they provide in their communities."

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