Independent Distillers Wins Coveted Impact's Hot Prospect Brand Award

Independent Distillers (ID), has been awarded the prestigious Impact 2011 “Hot Prospect Brand Award” for their Twisted Shotz brand. This prestigious award is given yearly to the best performing new spirits brands. The class of 2011 numbers only 26 brands in total!

After launching in October 2010, ID’s Twisted Shotz became one of the trendiest brands in the U.S. with sales numbers reaching 20 million “Shotz” sold. “We are honored to received this important award from Impact and have been thrilled with the phenomenal success of Twisted Shotz,” said Bruce Herman, President, Independent Distillers, USA.

Twisted Shotz

Twisted Shotz are bartender-quality mixed drinks made with real spirits. They are served in innovative, collectable, two-sided, twisted shot glasses with two flavored spirits kept separate until they are mixed for the first time in your mouth. Available nationally, the brand has seen notable growth in Texas, Florida, Georgia, California, Massachusetts and Tennessee. Twisted Shotz retails for $5.99 for a four-pack and $19.99 for the Party Pack. With a focus on popular shot drinks available in bars, the brand has hit a sweet spot for its consumer demographic of 21-45 year-old male and female drinkers who are looking for a way to “get the party started.”

Category Innovator

The company’s initial launch in October 2010 included some of the most popular shot drinks found in the all bars including Sex on the Beach (Banana and Pear Liqueur & Cream Liqueur); Rattlesnake (Mexican Tequila & Lime Liqueur); Porn Star (Blue Curacao & Raspberry Schnapps); Strawberry Sundae (Strawberry Liqueur & Vanilla Cream Liqueur) Buttery Nipple (Butterscotch Liqueur & Vanilla Cream Liqueur); and B-52 (Orange Liqueur and Coffee Cream Liqueur). In August, 2011, with over 7 million Shotz sold in the first year, ID added the Twisted Shotz Party Pack, a 12 pack that includes three each of the five top Shotz flavors.      

Whipping the Competition, Stoking the Fire

In December 2011, with sales and demand rapidly increasing, ID jumped into the “Whipped” category with two more flavors: Whipped Orange (Whipped Cream Vodka & Orange Cream Liqueur) and Miami Vice (Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada). In April 2012, they stormed the “on-fire” Cinnamon and Honey” category with another two flavors: Killer Bee (Bourbon and Honey Liqueur) and Hot Licks (Bourbon and Cinnamon Liqueur). In July 2012 based upon the success of their Whipped Orange, Independent Distillers created two additional two flavors in the “Whipped” category with Whipped Cherry (Whipped Cream Vodka with Chocolate Cream Liqueur) and Whipped Chocolate (Whipped Cream Vodka with Cherry Cream Liqueur).

Independent Distillers plans to release more Twisted Shotz flavors in the coming months.


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