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This year, the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show brought more than 37,000 industry professionals together to meet with suppliers, network, learn and have fun.  Some of the most distinctive exhibitors launched new products and services at the 2013 show. A sampling of some of the best in show include:



21st Brewery, Back in Black Black IPA – This American black ale pours dark brown with a roasted coffee, grains and warm citrus aroma. Back in Black is easy to drink, featuring no alcohol flavor and delivering hops, dark caramel, licorice and molasses.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider – Strawman was inspired by farmhouse cider brewing techniques that are centuries old. This nod to cider brewing tradition is evident when the aroma of ripe apples, dark fruits and wood hits your nose and the flavors of apple, vanilla and honeysuckle hit your palate.

Budweiser, Black Crown – This American amber lager carries with it an aroma of caramel, malted grain and hops. A light bodied lager, it’s more flavorful than other Budweiser products, featuring some caramel and hops with a dry finish.

Cisco Brewers, Grey Lady Ale – Grey Lady ale is a witbier, a Belgian-style ale that is complex, always spiced and very rustic with a cloudy, unfiltered appearance. Clove, coriander, allspice and other spices make up the aroma of Grey Lady Ale and tastes largely of lemon.

Crabbie’s, Alcoholic Ginger Beer – Ginger beer is a key ingredient in many classic, refreshing cocktails. Now, the world can make these cocktails with alcoholic ginger beer. The ginger mist, Moscow mule and horses neck can only benefit from this tasty alcoholic ginger beer. Best of all, Crabbie’s doesn’t feature an overbearing alcoholic flavor or any burn. This is genuine ginger beer made with 4 secret fruits and spices combined with ginger and steeped for up to 8 weeks.

MillerCoors, Third Shift – Tom Hail, a member of MillerCoors band of brewers, brewed a German-style Marzen of his own recipe. He then shared it with others and they tweaked the taste until just right. The result was Third Shift an amber larger that exceeds expectations.  

Samuel Adams, Thirteenth Hour – This dark, Belgian-style stout is aged in oak barrels and hand bottled, corked and caged. It pours black and, while other stouts may deliver an aroma of chocolate and coffee, Thirteenth Hour is heavy on dark fruit and oak. This a medium- to full-bodied offering with some acidity and a moderate bitterness that doesn’t linger.



35 Maple Street, Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin – Gin is experiencing an resurgence in popularity and Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin could just be zenith of this classic spirit’s rise. Uncle Val loved gardening and Tuscan cuisine so the botanicals used in creating this innovative and, quite frankly, delicious gin can be found in his home garden in Lucca, Italy to this day.

Dirty Tequila – Dirty Tequila states as a blue agave silver tequila, and with the addition of cinnamon and pineapple and other fruit flavors and sweeteners the result is a uniquely smooth tequila.

Kahlua Midnight – Standard Kahlúa, the famous run-based, coffee-flavored liqueur, is 40 proof. This latest offering, Midnight, represents a massive departure at 70 proof. The coffee flavor is much more prominent in Midnight with rum taking a backseat. The finish, even with the major increase in proof, is mild and tastes of freshly ground coffee.

Lovoka Lovoka a caramel vodka-based liqueur from South Africa, this extremely smooth Caramel Liqueur achieves the perfect balance between the triple distilled premium vodka and the best quality caramel.

Spike Vodka – Spike Vodka, produced in a 1,500-square-foot distillery by master distillers in Texas, is the world’s first vodka made of cactus. This is handcrafted vodka without burn or bite and it’s neither infused nor flavored. Spike must be tasted to in order to understand the flavor and envision the cocktail possibilities.

Tea of a Kind - Tea of a Kind available in Peach Ginger Black Tea, Citrus Mint Green Tea, and Pomegranate Acai White Tea is 100% natural and contains only 20 calories per 16oz bottle. The natural flavors, real brewed tea and powerful antioxidants are sealed in the nitrogen-pressurized cap keeping them fresh until ready to enjoy.

Underground Herbal Spirit – An herbal bitter produced by Ogden’s Own Distillery, Underground Herbal Spirit is a blend of 33 herbs, spices and flavors which include cassia, angostura, anise, cardamom, gentian, wormwood, molasses, orange oil, spearmint, pure can sugar and several others. The sweetness of this 80 proof spirit comes from agave and plum extracts and uses only half of the sugars of similar products. At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010, Underground took the Double Gold.

V-One Vodka - V-One Vodka is the only 100% Spelt Vodka on the market. Originally brewed in the comfort of owner Paul Kozub’s basement is now distilled five times in Poland using a sophisticated distillation process for a notably clean finish.

Vypurr, Snake Fruit Liqueur and Monstera Deliciosa Liqueur – Vypurr wanted to set itself apart in the spirits marketplace by producing flavorful liqueurs rather than flavored vodkas. Snake Fruit Liqueur is made, of course, with snake fruit harvested from the palm trees of the South Pacific Islands. Monstera Deliciosa Liqueur features monstera deliciosa fruit harvested from a creeping vine native to the tropical rain forests of Central America. Both liqueurs should be on the radar of mixologists due to their interested and exotic ingredients and distinct flavor profiles.

Western Honey Pepper Whiskey – Western Honey Pepper Whiskey is a combination of aged Kentucky bourbon, American whiskey, natural clove honey and hot chili peppers made in America in small batches. The rich, robust flavor of the bourbon at first tempered with the smooth honey and followed up by an understated yet peppery finish. This is a unique bourbon that can be enjoyed on the rocks.

Xi Acai - a product partly owned and developed by Survivor Philippines Star Abi-Maria Gomes. Xi Acai is a 25 proof alcohol beverage of award-wining craft silver rum, all-natural acai, blackberry, and lime juices, which is sweetened with agave nectar. It’s a great low calorie mixer.



Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars - Antonio Villard is the highest quality Premium Electronic Cigars on the market, using a new, revolutionary, and award-winning electronic device which allows you to smoke in an alternative way.

Bay Tek Games - Bay Tek Games was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and operated business that is driven to provide fun and profit through innovative coin-operated games. Bay Tek makes this typical bar game to the next level including Beer Ball and Beer Pong Masters.

BOHFOH USA - Their mission is to connect the culture and the 12 million+ individuals working in the food and beverage service industry.  BOH•FOH USA is a print, Internet and promotions company, and a branding vehicle for food and beverage businesses; it is also a platform for showcasing the talents of the men and women working in this challenging field. Contact number 865-384-1811.

Captive Media LTD - Captive Media LTD makes and manages unique, interactive digital signage technology for installation in washrooms. They provide customer engagement marketing services for venues and for brands.

Elum-a-path - The E-Lume-A-Path is a low level path marking and lighting system that provides a floor level, uninterrupted lighted path to safety while highlighting the doors of the appropriate emergency exits. The news is filled with tragic events that could have ended differently by utilizing this unique product.

Mr. Q CumberMr. Q Cumber is made with all natural ingredients including cane sugar and real cucumber extract, this delicious and refreshing drink taste like you just bit into a fresh cold cucumber. It’s balanced perfectly with the sweet elements and carbonation into a drink that’s ideal to mix with gin.

Neat Glass - Arsilica created this unique pot-still shaped glass using simple physics to separate alcohol odors before they burn and numb the nose, leaving those wonderful, spice, flower, fruit and vanilla aromas for the discerning spirits drinker to savor, that only fermentation, distillation and ageing can produce.

PlanChat - The PlanChat platform allows any business to license and publish their own powerfully branded mobile marketing app starting at just $99/mo.  Businesses get their own unique, custom-branded iPhone and Android app to engage customers and, more importantly, customers’ friends.

Sin City Cupcakes – Do you like cake? Cupcakes? Alcohol? Then Sin City Cupcakes is the cupcake for you. The cakes are injected with an alcohol filling once the cakes are through baking. There are over 50 flavors to choose from – Better Than Sex, Chocolate Wasted, Red Velvet Backseats and No Limit Lemon Drop are the top sellers – but they’ll also learn about what flavors you like best and create something special for you.

Test or Arrest - Test or Arrest is a product developed by Jeff Meadows, a DUI defense attorney who became frustrated with clients that were just over the legal limit. Test or Arrest is a pocket sized, disposable breathalyzer which quickly tells you if you’ve had too much to drink or not.

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