Intimate Nightlife Returns to Las Vegas with Body English

Body English an iconic nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is back. It will reopen on Dec 28, just in time for a New Year’s celebration. The Hard Rock Hotel underwent a multi-million dollar face lift in 2010 and the public apparently clamored for Body English’s restoration.

The Body English space features two distinct rooms including the private Parlor where special events will be a constant part of the program. The Hard Rock will continue its history of introducing underground artists and Body English will showcase indie, electronic, rock and pop music.  Nightclub Confidential had the opportunity to speak with Michael Goodwin, vice president of nightlife and daylife at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, to find out what else is in store for quests of the venue.  


Nightclub Confidential (NCC): What is the difference between the old and new Body English?

Michael Goodwin: We kept all of the things from the Old Body English that everyone loved; sexy, intimate and exclusive.  We made just a few small improvements: moved the DJ booth to the dance floor, and built a new plush seating area, restructured the Parlor to improve the flow and vibe in this room, along with adding new DJ booth and A/C.  We have added state of the art lighting and improved the already excellent sound. The restoration of Body English follows Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s recent multi-million dollar renovation which included the introduction of amped up gastropub Culinary Dropout, The Ainsworth, c|Fú Asian restaurant, and the all new Vinyl live entertainment venue.


NCC: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is obviously committed to rock and roll of all types and there are gigantic tours of rock icons to support the concept that rock and roll is thriving. With that said most casino/hotel groups are rushing towards EDM. Talk about the commitment.

Goodwin: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is committed to music in general, all music to all people but Body English will be more focused on the EDM format than any other. Although we will be offering a wide variety of genres inside of the EDM space we will also delve into some indie rock and other formats.  Body English will regularly have talent on the schedule that will be familiar at the same time we will strive to be searching for the next big thing. 

NCC: Is "new" one of the most important words in Las Vegas?

Goodwin: Las Vegas in general is New.  In most places in the world, historical places are cherished and preserved but in Vegas if a building exceeds 20 years in age, they tear it down.  In Body English’s case, what is old is New again.  There have been many mega clubs built and still being built right now, but it is our belief that smaller, sexy, intimate spaces will be the most desirable nightlife choice for the truly discerning customers.  The vibe and experience in Body English is second to none and regardless what is spent to build any other club, no one will be able to duplicate what Body English has.  That combined with carefully picked staff and talent, Body English will be here for a long time to come.

NCC: Vegas has surely replaced New York as the city that never sleeps. Do you sleep? What is your 24 hour day like? 

Goodwin: Vegas is the 24/7 city.  We may be the only place in the country that allows liquor to be sold without any restrictions 24 hours per day.  Being the VP of Nightlife and Daylife, I find sleep to be nothing more than a necessary evil.  There is never enough time to do all the things we want to do in Vegas and believe me when I say; there is always something that we want to do.  From concerts, shows, fights, festivals, rodeos, pool parties, nightclubs, dayclubs... the list is endless and the choices are plentiful.  It is almost hard to believe how many things are going on every day and night in this extremely entertaining city.  We all love being able to play a small roll in such a spectacular place in the best casino in the world – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


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