Introducing Nightclub & Baras 2012 Las Vegas Nightclub of the Year

Looking at the numbers, there are thousands of nightlife venues all around the country. Separate the good from the bad, and you're looking at a slim number of elite upper-echelon clubs that draw the attention of the masses. Narrow down the markets to the top four in the United States, and you're left with Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and last but certainly not least, Las Vegas. New York City is considered the place where it all started, the A-listers reside in Los Angeles and Miami brings the most heat to the overall scene, but there's no nightlife destination quite like Las Vegas.

The competition is stiff for nightclubs in Las Vegas, which is why the city boasts some of the best worldwide. But where creative competition rules the land, there is room to explore and push an establishment to its limit. That's exactly what the owners of this year's Nightclub & Bar 2012 Las Vegas Nightclub of the Year, TAO Nightclub, have been doing since 2005.



In a business that's constantly evolving, TAO not only has stood the test of time, it continues to reinvent the way entertainment is delivered. 2011 was a massive year for nightlife in Las Vegas, and after all was said and done, TAO still came out on top after years of continued success.

"Our success in 2011 built upon the efforts from all of our previous years combined," says TAO Group partner Noah Tepperberg. "We continued to follow along the path that has brought TAO so much success since the opening in 2005, providing top-notch customer service and innovative programming in an incredible environment."

TAO 2Customer service and unique programming are a massive part of TAO's success, but a lot can be attributed to managing partners Tepperberg and Jason Strauss. Although they've made their name in New York City's nightlife market, they've stepped it up in Las Vegas and cultivated nightlife venues like TAO, LAVO and Marquee, some of the most heralded entertainment destinations in the nation. One ingredient that keeps TAO’s wheels turning in the right direction is the music formatting.

"TAO's programming trends toward open-format, while also featuring some of the best electronic DJs in the world," says TAO Group partner Jason Strauss. "Since our first year of operation with Erick Morillo, electronic dance music has always had a place at TAO, and now with the three venues in Las Vegas, club goers can find their favorite type of music on any given night."

When there's good music and an atmosphere to match, the line behind the velvet rope is long, and the hype among A-listers increases. Las Vegas always has been known to bring in celebrities, but clubs like TAO are what keep them coming back on a consistent basis. Over the years, the likes of Madonna, Jay Z, Beyoncé and Bono have been spotted in the club. There isn't a weekend that passes without a prominent famous face at the venue, and the club is nearing its seventh anniversary.

"The cornerstone of longevity in the nightclub business is providing an impactful experience to the guest," says Tepperberg. "That comes froTAO 3m a combination of fresh programming, continually upgrading the venue through enhancements in the systems and decor, and above all, providing the level of customer service that has guests returning over and over."

TAO’s nightclub experience starts the moment you reach the velvet rope and lasts until the second you leave the building. TAO is all about customer service, and when it comes to hospitality, the club consistently manages to excel. On the aesthetics front, the 10,000-square-foot TAO boasts the perfect DJ-driven atmosphere with state-of-the-art audio and lighting systems; in a world that craves music from the man in the booth, this is as important as it gets.

As nightclubs all over the Las Vegas Strip continue to open, close and reinvent themselves, TAO’s formula creates a clear path that leads to success. 2012 is yet another exciting year for nightlife in Sin City, and nightlife connoisseurs all around the nation are anxiously awaiting what the TAO Group will bring.

"We are surrounded by some of the best in the business and that has us continually striving to become better operators," Strauss says. "What some might see as a challenge, we view as creating an atmosphere that only serves to advance the industry as a whole. We will push ourselves to remain innovative (in 2012). Always seeking out new ways to enhance the experience of those visiting TAO."



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