Introducing Sujit Kundu, the Ultimate SKAM Artist

SKAM Artist will have a strong presence at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show.

Lil Jon. Nick Cannon. Samantha Ronson. Amber Rose. DJ Crooked. Connor Cruise. Blac Chyna. DJ Turbulence. Household names, particularly in the homes of nightclub operators, managers, hosts, bartenders, bar backs, servers, security and promoters. The management company behind those big names is SKAM Artist, a household name throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City. When clubgoers see the SKAM Artist logo or hear that SKAM Artists are performing, they know they’re in for an epic experience.

And the man behind the entertainment company, Suji Kundu, is on a mission to make sure every nightclub and bar operator and partier around the globe knows the name SKAM. Kundu wants SKAM to be to music what Nike is to sports: the standard, the go-to, the icon.

When Kundu graduated from University of California Santa Barbara, where he studied economics and accounting, he had no intention of becoming a major behind-the-scenes music executive. But here we are, 12 years after the formation of SKAM Artist, and he’s managing a roster of some the most influential and in-demand artists in music and nightlife.

His road to success started in the early ‘90s. Kundu’s Orange County high school friends were throwing unsuccessful, sparsely attended raves, and he thought he could do better. It turns out that he was right. The parties started small but attendance reached upwards of 4,000 people…all before he even graduated high school. Kundu was the mind behind the first California show featuring Warren G, Cypress Hill, the legendary KRS-One, and Mobb Deep.

“I would’ve had Biggie too,” says Kundu. “But he canceled on me.” Not bad for a high school kid.

Kundu almost abandoned party promotion while in college but stuck with it through his graduation from UCSB. He expanded into radio promotions and mix shows, formed a production and DJ management company with a partner, and also took on radio promotions for MCA Records. Years later he would leave the record company and the production and management company would disband. However, Kundu saw the potential in managing DJs, and SKAM – Sujit Kundu Artist Management – would be created in 2004. At first, the SKAM founder admits, the gigs his management company signed were paying just a few hundred dollars. Now, though, the 80-deep-and-growing roster commands big bucks.

“These guys are getting five, ten, fifteen thousand a night. And for something special like a New Year’s party they can get up to fifty grand, two first-class tickets, and a four-star hotel stay,” says Kundu. “They’ve got assistants, publicists…they are businesses unto themselves.”

At the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show, SKAM Artist and its roster of high-caliber performers will have a powerful presence. Attendees will have the opportunity to check them out on the Show Floor insidea designated area called The Cube. This domed area will be the spot to hang, check out the artists, and learn more about SKAM and booking the performers at your nightclub or bar. More details on The Cube will come as we get closer to the 33rd annual Nightclub & Bar Show, but we can tell you this for certain: the SKAM Artist experience is poised to go global and you want in now.

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