JA$germeister Launches New Web Site and Virtual Store

New Rochelle, NY. – Jägermeister, the brand known for consumer level innovative marketing programs and promotions, is bringing the experience into the digital realm with the introduction of its newly redesigned brand website, www.jager.com,  which hosts the brand’s first-ever online store with premium offerings and one of the industry’s only social media news room www.jagershop.com and http://press.jager.com respectively.  Like the consumer experience itself, the interactive new brand site is centered on the iconic green bottle, which transforms into various unique Jägermeister facets and transports the user through explorative navigation.
The newly designed website is presented in a "3-D like" mystifying environment that pulls the user into the site to interact with the brand, creating a memorable experience.  The website invites each user to tap into the legends behind the mysterious Jägermeister recipe and history, get plugged in to the latest Jägermeister music tour and local events, explore rows of delicious cocktail variations and more.
Developed as part of an international online store that creates a consistent presence throughout the world, the new US online Jäger store will offer to consumers of legal drinking age premium apparel, high quality clothing and accessories that have never been available before.  Jägermeister plans to continually evolve the store and products offered based on consumer demand, seasonality and new innovations, such as the revolutionary new Jägermeister 6-bottle shot cooler.
Embracing the new media revolution, http://press.jager.com now offers its very own online newsroom replete with social bookmarking quick links, online news releases, a RSS feed and brand videos and photography.  The online newsroom is among the first in the spirits industry and will be frequently updated with brand happenings and information. 
“We are very excited to introduce the new online site, store and social media newsroom,” says Bill Henderson, Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Advertising at Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc.  “The launch of the new www.jager.com and its enhanced features allow us to meet consumer demands, which is a crucial ingredient to our success.”


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