KahlAoa Reveals 'A Drink for Every Season' Program's Spring Selections

Kahlúa is revealing its seasonal spring cocktail recipes offering trade and consumers new ways to enjoy the delicious taste of the Kahlúa family of coffee liqueurs as the winter chill gives way to the warm promises of spring. The new spring cocktails are the latest in Kahlúa’s “A drink for every Season” cocktail initiative.

“Kahlúa is the best selling coffee liqueur in the world for a reason,” noted Andy Nash, Marketing Director for Kahlúa, Pernod Ricard USA. “Kahlúa uses only the finest, shade-grown Arabica coffee beans, the finest imported rums and smoothest all-natural vanilla flavoring to create the brand’s luxurious and exotic coffee taste – the taste that makes it the perfect choice for the world's favorite classic and contemporary cocktails. Our spring recipes highlight the versatility of the brand. Kahlúa is so much more than White Russians and Mudslides.”

The four new cocktails at the center of Kahlúa’s “Spring” season campaign are based on an iced café format enhanced with the exotic taste of Kahlúa and the Kahlúa flavors. The delicious and refreshing Sparkling Iced Coffee is made with the Kahlúa Original and club soda; the French Vanilla Iced Latte combines Kahlúa French Vanilla, vodka, cream and chilled coffee; Mocha Fizz mixes Kahlua Mocha with club soda and milk and the Hazelnut Chai combines Kahlúa Hazelnut with unsweatened chai tea and milk or cream. All four spring cocktails are served over or mixed first with ice and offer bartenders and consumers everywhere refreshing and delicious cocktails to enjoy while bidding a long awaited farewell to winter.

Nash concludes, “Kahlúa’s spring cocktails, like the Sparkling Iced coffee made with Kahlua (or any of the Kahlua flavors) and club soda, provides a great platform for creating seasonal cross-merchandising displays at retail outlets and grocery chains (where legal) and provides bars and restaurants with fresh ideas for promoting their customer’s favorite coffee liqueur.”

Kahlúa Spring Seasonal Cocktail Recipes:

Kahlúa Sparkling Iced Coffee

1 parts Kahlúa

4 parts club soda

Combine ingredients with ice in a tall glass.

French Vanilla Iced Latte

1 part Kahlúa French Vanilla

1 part ABSOLUT® Vanilia

1 part milk or cream

2 parts chilled coffee

Combine ingredients in a glass with ice. Garnish with a vanilla bean.

Mocha Fizz

2 parts Kahlúa Mocha

5 parts milk

1 part club soda

Shake ingredients with ice and into a tall glass.

Hazelnut Chai

2 parts Kahlúa Hazelnut

2 parts unsweetened chai tea

1 part cream or milk

Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a brandied cherry.


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