The Kasbah

The Kasbah, a nightclub plagued by thugs and security issues, is situated nine miles east of Downtown Denver in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora is home to 330,000 people with a median age of 33. One third of these people are single and looking for a classy nightlife experience and The Kasbah is anything but.  Owner Shelton Bouknight is losing $8,000 a month and consequently $130,000 dollars in debt due to the rough and rowdy clientele that it attracts.

During the recon, Jon Taffer sends in three local residents to understand the serious issues that hold The Kasbah back from all its potential. Taffer and his team of experts (Elayne Duke, Aaron McCargo) are bewildered by the security issues and terrible customer service displayed at The Kasbah. The girls Taffer sent in were harassed until an altercation arose. It took ten minutes and the crash of a broken glass for the security guard to take notice.

Taffer quickly realizes that that he needs to light the fire in Shelton once again and have the staff properly trained in order to make this nightclub a success. The experts immediately get to work prepping and training the staff for what will become the new hot stop in town. In addition to Elayne and Aaron, Taffer brings in a security expert, Doc, in order to enforce strict guidelines at the door. The success of any nightclub always lies first and foremost with the door; if it’s not properly handled it will break a business.

Taffer and his team transformed The Kasbah into something that Shelton did not think was possible, classy. As for the extensive security issue, the staff at the door made Doc, Taffer and Shelton proud. In addition, with their new training the bartenders were smiling, engaged, and stepping up to the plate. Since the re-launch The Kasbah has been filled to capacity every weekend with no security incidents and making $7,000-$10,000 each month.

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