Keynoter Peter Sheahan Identifies New Decision Triggers

Why do patrons choose one restaurant over another or order this cocktail over that one? In today’s world, the triggers for purchase decisions are vastly different than just a few years ago and understanding them is crucial to the success of your drink program and your overall business.

Opening the 2012 VIBE Conference, Peter Sheahan will shake things up with a dynamic presentation, “Moving the Market: Accelerate your Impact by Influencing How and Why Buyers Make Decisions.” This keynote will open new and unexpected avenues for growth and success.

Founder and CEO of ChangeLabs, Sheahan’s mission is to identify major social causes and create behavioral changes around them. His six books, including "Fl!p: How to Turn Everything You Know on Its Head and Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings" – an international best seller – and "Making It Happen: Turning Your Good Ideas into Great Results," are renown for their innovative approaches to finding opportunity and capitalizing on it in inventive ways. With the tenuous state of the economy affecting diner decisions, Sheahan’s principles are ideally suited to sparking sales and profits for beverage programs in multi-unit restaurants.

Sheahan brings strong credentials. He cut his teeth as a trainee accountant and rose to become general manager of a $10 million hotel business. Recent clients include Newscorp, Google, Hilton Hotels, GlaxoSmithKline, Harley-Davidson, Cisco and Goldman Sachs, as well as Apple and IBM. He understands the challenges facing the hospitality businesses, the importance of branding and the need to unearth new ways to connect with consumers and earn their business.

Registration for the 2012 VIBE Conference is now open, so click here to reserve your seat at this eye-opening presentation and take advantage of the dynamic speakers and workshops that fill out the rest of the VIBE agenda.


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