Kold-Draft's T270 Ice Crusher Crushes the Flaked Ice Competition

The versatile Kold-Draft T270 Ice Crusher combines with any Kold-Draft Ice Machine to prepare perfect crushed ice — on demand. An external knob on the T270 Ice Crusher allows operators to “order” the production of ice cubes or crushed ice, resulting in a dual-purpose machine that satisfies various ice applications. Ice is stored in side-by-side bins — either half or full cubes in one side and crushed ice in the other. Crushed ice is ideal for salad bars and other cold food displays, chilling soft drinks and more.

Kold-Draft T270 Ice Crusher

Kold-Draft crushed ice compares favorably to flaked ice. That’s because Kold-Draft crushed ice starts with Kold-Draft cubed ice, which is clearer, harder and more solid than typical ice machine ice that often is produced in irregular shapes and thus have greater surface area. The amount of surface area directly correlates to melt rate. Harder ice, when crushed, lasts longer and melts more slowly than flaked ice, chilling drinks without diluting them and keeping a bed of ice from turning watery. In addition, Kold-Draft ice is proven to be the most pure ice available on the market. In fact, nearly as pure as distilled water.

Kold-Draft’s T270 Ice Crusher, like any Kold-Draft ice maker, offers heavy-duty construction and reliable operation suitable for the most demanding foodservice applications. Plus, Kold-Draft ice crushers are energy efficient — using environmentally friendly R-404A refrigerant — and meet the California Energy Commission’s 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, making them a good choice for institutions. To facilitate maintenance, the T270 is serviceable from the front and is armed with Kold-Draft’s 5-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty on all parts and labor, the longest in the industry.

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