La Fiesta Restaurant Bar

La FiestaName of Bar: La Fiesta Restaurant Bar
Location: Visalia, Calif.
Square Footage: 900
Capacity/Seats: 33
Open Date: Sept. 30, 2010

La Fiesta Restaurant Bar is one of the best restaurant-bars to go to. The restaurant is located on the far north side of the city of Visalia, Calif., away from downtown. Despite the considerable distance from the business key points of the city La Fiesta has managed to surpass its revenue expectations for the first year of operations. The venue was open on Sept. 30, 2010, having annual gross sales up to Oct. 31, 2011, of $1,047,484.56 of which 26.6% ($278,562.96) is solely from bar (alcohol) sales. The forecast expected for the first year of operations was only 50% of the achieved total, which means a total success for the owners of the company. Projections for the second year propose a 25% increase in sales. Management is confident this amount can be exceeded once more people become aware of our location and what we have to offer.

La Fiesta Restaurant Bar is considered by its costumers as an upscale Mexican restaurant with no comparison to any other conventional restaurant-bar in the city. Our bar which is our main jewel has a sitting capacity for 33 patrons. The top counters are made out of black marble which gives the bar a welcoming and elegant touch that everyone enjoys. The Spanish brown tile gives the floors another key ingredient to this spectacular location. Also its high ceiling walls help for the perfect sound coming from the digital jukebox and its four flat screens TVs.  Everything in this bar from the color of its walls, to the size of the windows and the open space adds up to make this location a hot spot for newcomers and regulars alike.         

Our draft beer selection is only limited to eight taps of which six are imports (Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, XX Amber, Pacifico, Heffenweizer,  Blue Moon, Bud Light and Coors Light), but our bottle beer selection includes most of the popular Mexican and American beers equally. On the other hand, when we are talking about a Mexican Bar we have to have a Tequila bar right! Well, our selection keeps increasing month to month and currently adds up to 150 varieties of tequilas. The price range goes from $4 to $40 per shot. Usually if we do not carry the tequila a customer is looking for we make sure we will have it in stock for their next visit.  If our customers are looking for the best of tequilas this is the place to be. 

On top of the tequila selection we also have the best and most recognized brands of Spirits which means the best of Rum, Vodka, Gin and Whiskey. We try to give only the best to our customers at an affordable price which makes us even better than the competition. We offer a very complete and elegant cocktail menu which also features our signature drinks.   

Drinks alone will not make our customers to keep coming back so we have also implemented a continuous training for staff with weekly meetings that focus in customer interaction as well as how to create impressions to gain more and more customers. This concepts have being in place thanks to the presentation from Jon Taffer in the 2011 at the Bar & Nightclub convention in Vegas. This has helped a great deal to make this bar what it is today.

As part of the overall customer experience cleanliness comes next. One of the main priorities of the bar is to keep the ambience clean at all times. We say ambience because we take into consideration what the bar smells like, how loud the music is, how bright lights are, how visible trash is, and just making sure everything is on its appropriate place. As part of our image every single corner of the bar and restaurant (front and back, restrooms and offices) have to be as clean as possible and spotless. These measures can only convey a message to our clientele; that this restaurant is worth coming back to. So far these procedures are working out for us. In conclusion, we consider our venue a winner for the category of Small Wonder Bar of the Year and hope to keep improving every step of the way to maintain a competitive edge among the best venues of the country.

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