LA Weekly: Repeal Day 2011 Los Angeles: Drink Specials + Cocktail Recipes

From LA Weekly:

A drinker would do well to remember Repeal Day, December 5, 1933. It's when Americans got back their right to party. After 13 dark years of Prohibition, the 18th Amendment was repealed saying good-bye to bootlegging and bathtub gin by making it legal to once again imbibe. Imagine how thirsty for the good stuff those people must have been.

Toast to the 78th anniversary of Repeal Day with lots of cocktails and drink specials around L.A. And for those who'd rather do their toasting at home -- maybe while watching Ken Burns' Prohibition -- we've included some DIY cocktail recipes.

Neat in Glendale has two special infusions for Repeal Day Weekend: a bacon-washed Four Roses Bourbon and a Butter Mexican Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Reposado Tequila ($12 each), which can be served with the chaser of your choice.


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