Las Vegas City Life: Krave Moves Downtown, Plans to Become World's Largest Gay Night Spot

From Las Vegas City Life:

Krave, the 17,000-square-foot nightclub at the Miracle Mile shopping center adjacent to Planet Hollywood, will move from its expensive Strip location to the slowly reviving Neonopolis. It will transform the shuttered Crown Theater/Galaxy 11 cineplex on the third floor — just feet away from drag queen-themed Drink & Drag bowling lounge, with which Krave shares an owner, Polaris Entertainment — and is slated to open, if not be completed, by year’s end. The current Krave will close as the new one opens.

The nightclub will actually be renamed Krave Massive, a nod to its ambitious expansion plans. It will now encompass 80,000 square feet, which will include five dance rooms (themed in accordance to the music to be played in each: house, Top 40, hip-hop, dance, country and Latin), Tickled Pick comedy club, a performing arts theater, an LGBT-themed movie theater, a “lesbians-only” lounge, three bars, a martini lounge, two private lounges and a retail store. An outdoor pool with cabanas is even in the works. Combined with a possible pool and Drink & Drag — which may one day be connected to its big-brother dance spot — the Krave downtown complex may grow to 120,000 square feet.

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