Learn From the Politicians: Capture Customers through Mobile Marketing

Whether it’s announcing a vice presidential pick or accepting donations, mobile marketing is clearly a major strategy for presidential contenders to engage voters in this election campaign.  What can restaurant marketers glean from mobile strategies to improve digital presence and communication with customers?

Why Should You Care?

  • Roughly 75% of the US population already has a mobile phone. Roughly 55,000,000 already have smart phones.
  • According to a recent report published by Morgan Stanley by 2013 more people will be accessing the Internet with smartphones and mobile devices than with wired Internet connections.
  • Mobile marketing gives marketers access to a captive audience in a hyper-targeted way. It produces more immediate responses, and a higher response rate, than any other marketing method ever seen before. 

3 Key Mobile Strategies to Consider:

  1. Mobile Website

Smart phone users report when they try out the mobile Web is how horrible most of the Web site experiences are. The basic reason for this is that they are attempting to view a site that hasn’t been set up with mobile handsets in mind. If you are looking to expand your business or improve your online presence, a mobile website is a must.

  1. Mobile Apps

Political candidates use mobile apps to interact with their constituents who can access political information critical to their decision making process via their smartphones.

Mobile apps for restaurants can be a key to success in today’s markets and you must hop on the technology wave in order to increase your revenues. Customers can use the mobile apps to order food, make reservations, receive email notifications and get turn-by-turn directions to the restaurant location. Mobile apps for restaurants also use maps and directions or directly calling the restaurant with the easy one-touch button.

  1. Mobile Advertising

Even though mobile advertising as an industry is still in its infancy, political campaigns have dabbled in using mobile advertising to push across political messages

Unlike magazines, newspapers, radio and Internet, mobile advertising and marketing always has an audience. Text messaging, paid search advertising, organic search advertising, mobile display ads, click to call ads, app advertising, click to map advertising and proximity advertising are all possible because of smartphone technology. Mobile marketers have the capacity to track responses which is helpful in analyzing and understanding the behavior or the needs of the customer, thus, improving and eventually customizing the services for a specific customer.


The fact that you're reading this article puts you ahead of your competition.  As an early adopter you have the opportunity to grab market share.  Here is how to start:

  1. View mobile with excitement
  2. Prioritize mobile marketing in your budget for 2013
  3. Devote resources to developing mobile properties and mobile presence

Regardless of your political affiliation, learn how politicians are using mobile marketing and adapt those strategies. You'll be surprised by the new and fascinating ways mobile marketing can help your business.


Source:  The Rise of Mobile Marketing

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