Learn More About Loss Prevention at the VIBE Conference

Running a successful bar takes more than just serving up innovative drinks and offering patrons hard-to-pass-up promotions, but, what's more, it’s also easy to lose money. Preventing losses is a major issue and should influence how you run your business at the bar. Training bartenders and holding others accountable are surefire ways to keep things on track, but you shouldn't stop there. From ordering the right amount of product to using competent and reliable vendors to just preventing human error, figuring out how to control costs at your establishment takes a few simple steps, but will ultimately make you see higher profits at your business.

Joseph John Szvetitz IIIAt this year’s VIBE Conference in Las Vegas, Joseph John Szvetitz III, Managing Partner for Risk Management Services Loss Prevention, LLC will help you do just that. Szvetitz, who specializes in cost containment and expense control, has been working within loss prevention departments all of his life.  At his seminar on March 9, he’ll offer up his expertise, helping you identify situations that impact beverage revenues, offering advice on the actions you need to put into place in order to turn those losses into profits. And in no time, you'll have the biggest profit-making bar and restaurant on the block.

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