Let Your Voice Be Heard

As long as there have been bars, the men and women working the stick have listened to their customers talk and complain about everything there is to talk and complain about. Conventional wisdom says that it all goes with the territory. While undoubtedly true, who listens to bartenders? Really, who takes the time to listen to what bartenders have to say? After all, they work in the trenches and ultimately know more about what people are looking for in the way of beverage alcohol than any other collective in the hospitality business.

Well, Technomic Inc., a leading marketing research firm specializing in the food and beverage industry, is going out of their way to find out what America’s bartenders are thinking about consumer trends in the beverage scene. To that end, they are fielding an on-line survey to find out what it is that bartenders are thinking about the business.

The survey’s questions look to determine what trend bartenders are saying is hot and what’s hot. Is business better today than it was last year? What’s selling and what’s gathering dust? There are scores of suppliers eager to find out what bartenders think, observe and sense about the on-premise business in their neck of the woods, and this survey will answer those questions.

The survey takes no more than 5 or 10 minutes to complete. For the bartenders who participate in the survey, the firm has created a professional group called the Technomic BarTrender Panel. Those that join will have an opportunity to participate in future surveys and marketing initiatives on a quarterly basis.

So bartenders, do you want someone to hear what you think? Do you want to share your insights and accrued knowledge about the business? Then click here—and take advantage of this time limited opportunity.

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