Libbey Raises the Bar for Impeccable Bar Experiences with Masteras Reserve

Inspired by those who craft exceptional beverages

With 29 percent of guests choosing restaurants based on their specialty drink menus (NPD Group, 2015), an adventurous and passionate cocktail culture has emerged. Mixologists, cicerones and sommeliers have responded, delivering diverse beverage menus. With endless cocktail possibilities, these beverage experts are challenged to transform everyday tumblers of bourbon into artful cocktails, commanding top-shelf prices.

Understanding this spirited cocktail culture, Libbey’s master glassmakers asked one profound question, “What if we could create a glass as stunning, enduring and inspired as the drinks imagined by signature cocktail masters?”

Drawing on nearly two centuries of uncompromising craftsmanship, Libbey® set to work to create glassware on par with the elevated beverage experience. Based on exacting details, testing formulations and sensual design elements, Libbey has introduced Master’s Reserve®. This world-class glassware is setting new standards for the foodservice industry.

Unlike any other glassware

Master’s Reserve is crafted in the USA and raises the bar for glassware. The Master’s Reserve Collection stands apart from other glassware lines with its stunning design, which perfects the flow to the palate, intensifies aromas and offers balance in the hand. This collection is a glass for all senses. Each line in Master’s Reserve incorporates Libbey’s exclusive HD2 rim, which provides high definition and high durability. A deep DuraTemp treatment delivers longer service life, and ClearFire glass formulated with high brilliance soda lime adds purely radiant shine.

Master’s Reserve currently is available in four patterns:

  • Renaissance: A reinvention of a classic shape, Renaissance offers a subtle, seamless design noted with sparkling clarity and an exquisite flat foot.
  • Prism: Featuring a wide bowl that increases surface area encouraging the wine to breathe, Prism stemware offers extraordinary angles that are striking to the eye.
  • Rivere: Offering free-flowing movement with a gracefully designed bowl, Rivere stands apart with its dramatic, yet alluring height.
  • Symmetry: Featuring thick shams and alluring curves, Symmetry provides ideal weight, balance and elegance.

Delivering an elevated bar experience for big profits

The right glass and preparation techniques are essential in creating an elevated bar experience while turning a profit. Offering exquisite presentation accompanied by superior service life, Master’s Reserve can help you keep your guests returning for artistic cocktails. Matching the drink to the glassware, Libbey’s Professional Insights initiative can help you offer guests a variety of specialty, on-trend drinks from classic martinis to cucumber infused gin. As the vessel of choice for your cocktail masterpieces, Master’s Reserve allows you to capitalize on the bar trend, resulting in big profits, raves reviews and full houses.

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