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Nightclub & Bar Show Workshop
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When it comes to the Nightclub & Bar Show, undeniably, each year industry experts bring unique perspectives on growing trends, better business practices, and this year is no different. The 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show (March 30 – April 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center) workshops run the gamut from understanding social media to cocktail culture, and a beginners guide to controlling your most important number. Without a doubt, they're all must-attend workshops for bar and nightclub professionals.

You don’t want to miss a minute of Nightclub & Bar’s interactive workshops.

You can pick from 6 different topic-specific workshops on marketing, consumer and beverage trends, social media strategies, cost controls and customer loyalty programs presented by leading experts in the business.  

And just like previous years, it’s all about informing you and helping you make better decisions to benefit your business. Pick which workshop it right for you today!

View More Pro Workshop 1: Avoid Failure: Implement Proven Customer Service Delivery Strategies
Brian Warrener, Hospitality Professor, Johnson & Wales University

The best customer service organizations shoot for 100% guest satisfaction and 0% defaults. Professor Brian Warrener will examine customer service delivery and the fine art of service recovery, drawing from organizations that do it best. Take away best practices of service recovery strategies to take back to your operation in order to turn service failures into service wins.

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Pro Workshop 2: Layers of Loyalty: Create Raving Regulars Who Return Soon and Often
Tim Kirkland, CEO, Renegade Hospitality Group

In these highly competitive times, it’s more important than ever not only to attract new customers but to hold on to customers and drive loyalty and frequency among those you already possess. In this idea-packed session, best-selling author Tim Kirkland will share dozens of impactful solutions on how to drive brand affinity and guest frequency, providing you with the tools and tactics to encourage guests to come back soon and often.

View More Pro Workshop 3: Promoting Your Bar: Proven Social Media & Online Marketing Tactics
Tammie Carlisle, Director of Business Development, Milestone Internet Marketing

It’s undeniable that customers are glued to social media and their cell phones. So how can you impact your audiences’ buying behavior? Presented with real life case studies, this workshop will focus on how to manage the most important social media channels in the industry. Take away proven tactics that will increase your traffic, boost your engagement and create new revenue opportunities.

View More Pro Workshop 4: Calculating and Controlling Your Most Important Numbers
David Scott Peters, Founder,

Operating a bar has not changed much fundamentally in the past 50 years, but running a profitable one has. Learn how to manage and control three of your biggest expenses: food, beverage and labor costs. This information-packed workshop will cover how to look deeper into these costs allowing you to take back control of your checking account, improve your bottom line, and ultimately become a more profitable establishment.

View More Pro Workshop 5: Creating a High-Volume Fresh Cocktail Program with Maximum Impact
David Nepove, President, Jonathan Pogash, Northeast Regional VP and Brittany Chardin, Southeast Regional VP, United States Bartenders’ Guild

The past decade has brought about big innovation behind the bar. However, only so many craft cocktails can be made in an hour; therefore, controls and systems need to be in place in order to execute a fresh program with quality ingredients. Attendees will leave understanding the nuts and bolts of applying a fresh program that maximizes revenue and efficiency.

View More Beginner Workshop: Make Your Dream a Reality: Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Bar
Chris Lenahan, Author/Consultant,

Perfect for individuals who are in the process of opening, looking to open or expanding to more locations. We’ve compiled a thorough, but easy-to-digest guide to start your own business that will help you work towards real life plans for future money making. Everything from blue prints to bar design for fast cash, flow patterns to budgeting best practices and financial planning to create realistic business plans.

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