Mandatory Maintenance

MaintenanceWhen owning a business, at some point there is always something that is bound to go wrong.  Whether it's a busted pipe, broken walk-in or simply a burnt out light bulb it becomes your responsibility. You are responsible for every piece of property including the parking lot. Therefore, you need to make sure you are constantly in maintenance-minded mode.

With fall upon us and the end of the year creeping up before you know it, now is a good time to take stock and fix any necessary issues before moving on to new challenges. Here are seven simple things to keep front-of-mind in order to maintain a safe and profitable business.

1.  Check your fire suppression system, all your fire extinguishers and your emergency lighting.

2.  Check you tap lines and cooling systems (refrigeration). Beer coolers especially.

3.  Check your entire operation including outside for any light bulbs that have burned out. Then wipe down all your lighting fixtures. Also, if you haven’t already, consider making the switch to environmentally friendly bulbs.

4.  Calibrate the temperatures in your refrigerated units and ovens. Double check that they are running correctly and at peak performance.

5.  Check for cracks and holes in the building, parking lot and side walk. You can prevent leaks and customers falls by having a well maintained exterior.  

6.  Assess the toilet seats, garbage bins, faucets, sinks, soap dispensers, mirrors, etc. and replace any items that look old and unsightly. 

7.  Maintain and repair the exhaust hood and ventilation systems in your kitchen. The best way to clean the hood is by steam cleaning.

You should develop a maintenance schedule for the different aspects of your business.  Remember the more attention paid to a maintenance schedule the less likely issues will arise and the more prepared you will be if something does. 


What other areas of maintenance should owners keep in mind?
Let us know by commenting below. 

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