Manfreda Discusses TTB's Role in Regulation and Safety, at NBWA Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Department of the Treasury Alcohol Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) Administrator John Manfreda spoke to attendees today at the 19th Annual NBWA/BREWERS Joint Legislative Conference about the role the TTB – which manages the federal alcohol permit systems for suppliers and distributors and the federal regulations created for the alcoholic beverage industry by the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act – plays in ensuring effective federal regulation of alcohol and the importance of the coordination of state and federal regulation.

“State law is the yardstick of federal regulation,” administrator Manfreda told attendees. “We very much work with the state authorities. Just this past year, we were involved in several joint investigations with the states.”
Administrator Manfreda also highlighted the important role effective alcohol regulation plays in providing a level playing field and an orderly and safe marketplace. “Our area of greatest concern is consumer safety,” said Manfreda. “We pride ourselves on adding to the safety of alcoholic beverages in the marketplace.”
“Administrator Manfreda’s remarks were insightful and well-timed,” said NBWA President Craig Purser. “This morning’s headlines told us of another product recall of pistachios in California contaminated with salmonella. As beer distributors head to Capitol Hill to educate members of Congress about the contributions of the beer distribution industry, they will highlight the strength and effectiveness of the three-tier, state-based system of alcohol regulation which provides transparency and accountability and works to keep consumers safe from tainted products.”
America’s beer distributors, brewers and importers and retailers operate within a licensed, state-based system of alcohol regulation. The time-tested, three-tier system works to ensure consumer safety by creating transparency and accountability through a clear “chain of custody.” Beer distributors source products only from regulated brewers and importers and sell only to licensed retailers. 
Following Administrator Manfreda’s remarks, beer distributors from across the country met with their home district members of Congress to discuss a variety of economic and regulatory issues including:

Maintaining the effective state-based alcohol regulatory system;
Ensuring quality jobs with solid wages and great benefits in a free environment;
Promoting responsibility and sustainability in communities across the country; and
Educating about the regressive nature of the beer excise tax that impacts hardworking men and women.

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