Meet TheSix

A group of six bottle-service girls with decades of experience in New York City’s hottest clubs are aiming to infiltrate the male-dominated industry. Find out more about them here and don’t forget to take a look at their interview with nightlife guru Steve Lewis by clicking HERE.


Photo By Zandy Mangold

Mariya Dekhman
Mariya Dekhman was born in Riga, Latvia.  She moved to Queens NY when she was eleven years old.  Mariya moved to NYC right after graduating high school and fell in love with the city.  She started her nightlife career at the age of eighteen bartending at Cheetah Nightclub followed by bartending gigs at The World and various other venues.  She then started bottle serving at Show nightclub followed by venues such as Marquee, Cain, SL as well as many venues in the Hamptons.  She has recently left the bottle service industry to build her real estate business.  She will forever be grateful for her many years in the hospitality industry for the flexibility it has provided her as well as the amazing people she has met.

Christina Donato
Christina Donato was born and raised on Long Island, New York.  She moved to the city about five years ago and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  She started bottle serving while she was in college studying to be an accountant.  After a brief stint working as an accountant, she worked as a stenographer for a few years all the while working in nightlife.  She loves the excitement and energy of it.  She has worked in NYC and the Hamptons for several years. Outside of work she loves to lay on a beach with a book and travel with friends.

Alexandria Murphy
Alexandria Murphy is 28 and was raised in Naples, Florida.  She has over a decade of nightlife experience doing bottle service throughout college all over South Florida.  When moving to NYC in the summer of 2008 to intern with Ford Models, she had every intention of eventually working in PR or Journalism while bottle serving on the side. Five years later she has worked for the top tier venues in the city and Hamptons such as Pink Elephant, SL, and Finale.  She has been working for EMM since late 2009 and having the time of her life.  While being a true lover of the industry she also is grateful for the flexibility nightlife offers to be able to enjoy the things she truly loves... traveling, good music, food, and spending time with the people closest to her.

Ivanka Naydenova
Ivanka Naydenova was born and raised in Bulgaria.  Moving to St, Petersburg, FL with her family at the age of twelve, she always dreamt of having a successful career in the fashion industry.  Packing her bags and moving to New York City at the age of 20, she was determined to make this dream come to life!  She has worked with brands such as Chick by Nicky Hilton, Marley and Co, and luxury brands such as Cacharel. A friend later introduced her to the nightlife industry.  She worked briefly at Mr West before joining EMM Group in 2009 and is currently working at SL and Finale.  Ivanka describes herself as sometimes reserved, yet honest to a fault.  She is extremely passionate about her family and friendships and takes pride in her European upbringing.  She is passionate about health and fitness and truly takes life one day at a time.

Stefanie Ross
Stefanie Ross was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She moved to NYC about five years ago and absolutely loves it. In addition to working in nightlife in LA, she had also obtained her real estate license and was working for a commercial real estate company. Upon arrival in New York, she almost immediately started working with EMM Group and is still currently employed by them. She considers herself an outgoing, very social girl who loves to have fun and meet new people; qualities that have been extremely helpful in all aspects of the night life industry. Outside of work her favorite past times include traveling, spending time with friends, trying new restaurants in the city, sporting events, concerts and just about anything fun and social.

Lizz Ariosto
Lizz Ariosto is very proud to be a New York native. As a kid my aspirations were always to become a professional dancer until I realized that living on your own at 17 in NYC is very hard to do since dancers hardly make much money. Therefore, she started working as a dancer in nightclubs until eventually getting the opportunity to cocktail waitress at Spa club in 2001 and went on from there to become a host and do the door at various nightclubs in both NYC and Las Vegas.  Recently, I left working in nightlife to focus on a career in entertainment. I currently work as a model and am an aspiring actress. I have recently worked on network TV, in movies and commercials.

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