Mezcal Vago Announces New York Partnership with Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits

Mezcal VagoMezcal Vago, becoming known for importing the most ethical and family crafted artisan mezcal on the market, announced their partnership with Nicolas Palazzi, the owner of PM Spirits in New York City. Being exposed through his business, Mezcal Vago has been embraced by some of the finest dining establishments and top sommeliers in NYC as they discover the elegance of mezcal and its similarities to fine wine.

 “It’s amazing to see the rise in awareness as Mezcal Vago spreads through the U.S. and people become more and more intrigued with the story behind each bottle we bring over,” said Judah Kuper, Co-Founder of Mezcal Vago. “We are thrilled to partner with Nicolas Palazzi, not only because of his reputation and respect in the spirit and wine industry of New York, but because Mezcal Vago fits perfectly into the whole basis behind his business.”

“Vago Mezcals speak to sommeliers as they express themselves exactly as wines would, with a sense of the variety – different magueys, different aromas/taste profiles – as well as sense of terroir” said Nicolas Palazzi, Owner of PM Spirits. “All around the city, from 3 stars venues such as Betony, Bouley and Eleven Madison to Momofuku’s Ma Peche and Rouge Tomate, acclaimed Sommeliers and Beverage Directors are offering Vago, speaking the gospel of mezcal with a soul.”

Mezcal is the oldest distilled spirit in the Americas, made from a variety of agaves which have been hand harvested after maturing between 7 and 20 years. From the beginning, Mezcal Vago has seen the beauty in the story of each batch of mezcal and is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the families who have spent generations perfecting their craft. Bringing it to the states since April from the mountains of southern Oaxaca, Mezcal Vago is gaining industry attention in big cities throughout North America. Seeking out small batch mezcaleros, Mezcal Vago has brought mezcal to the U.S., offering connoisseurs a sense of place and terroir with every sip of the complex and elegant beverage.

Nicolas Palazzi built PM Spirits in order to give a voice to family-made, pure, artisan spirits, which inherently have very little to no reach in a market dominated by mega-brands. While fine dining establishments have put this emphasis on fabulous food, service and wine list, few had put as much care in elaborating their spirits program. The craft spirits movement, and mezcal’s rise in stature in particular, have fueled a trend in making spirit selection as sophisticated as wine. Palazzi’s efforts have changed the mindset of buyers and consumers, as they are beginning to understand the beauty and sense of place when sipping a fine mezcal.


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