The Miami Herald: Sangritas & Spritzers: San Francisco's Best Spring Cocktails

The Miami Herald:

Five years ago, it was all about the speakeasy. Cocktails were precious little things, tucked into dimly lit vaults, handed to you by men in suspenders, ironically sporting mustaches and pants perfectly capable of staying up on their own. While you can still have that experience, the speakeasy trend has mercifully calmed.

Two of your best options for a spring tipple in the City by the Bay are fairly new and brightly lit. They have serious spirits but your bartenders will likely be wearing jeans.


Prizefighter is located in neighboring Emeryville, but it’s an easy shot on the BART system. The large, open room does the industrial loft-look proud, with brick, steel and stone washed in light streaming through the windows. There’s an enormous shuffleboard table, and when you purchase a shot of tequila or mezcal, you earn your choice of one of three Sangritas. The recipes range from a traditional pomegranate-and-lime recipe to a fun pineapple-cilantro-mint-jalapeno concoction.

The physical menu is decorated with lyrics from the bar’s namesake song, Prizefighter by the Eels, and it offers understated elegance, with no cocktail requiring more than three ingredients. The result? A bar that’s timeless, simple, straightforward … and one hell of a good time.


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