Miss Speed Rack USA is Crowned and The Gazzers are Served

After a 10-city tour, New York City’s Yael Vengroff beat out Houston’s Alba Huerta for the title of Miss Speed Rack USA.

On May 10 at the Prince George Ballroom in New York, 10 regional winners (Alba Huerta, Amanda Olig, Kylee Van Dillen, Sabrina Kershaw, Hsiu-Ting Yu, Jennifer Contraveos, Jill Webster, Karin Stanley, Missy Cross and Yael Vengroff) and six fan-favorite wild-card competitors (Erin Harris, Keli Rivers, Eryn Reece, Mia Mastroianni, Natasha David and Lacy Hawkins) faced off in front of a panel of all-star judges including Julie Reiner, Audrey Saunders and Liquor.com advisory board member Dale DeGroff.

All proceeds for the event benefited the fight against breast cancer.

Speed Rack Winner

New York City’s Yael Vengroff is crowned the first 2012 Miss Speed Rack USA on May 10.
Photo Courtesy of Cooper Cheatham

The second annual Gazzers, gaz regan's bartender awards ceremony sponsored by Pernod Ricard USA, were presented on May 14 in New York City. The recipients were: Adam Elmegirab, Aberdeen, Scotland; Adam Seger, HUM Spirits, Chicago; Ago Perrone, Connaught Hotel, London; Alex Kammerling, Kamm & Sons, London; Alex Kratena, Artesian Bar, The Langham Hotel, London; Cheryl Charming, New Orleans; Christopher "Hal" Halleron, Hoboken, N.J.; Cris Dehlavi, M Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio; Dushan Zaric, Employees Only and Countless Other Ventures, New York City; Joaquin Simo, Death & Co., New York City; Marian Beke, Nightjar bar, London; Monica Berg, Aqua Vitae, Oslo, Norway; Murray Stenson, Canon, Seattle; Paul "The Mixxa" Martin, Brighton, England; Phoebe Esmon, The Farmer's Cabinet, Philadelphia; Sasha Petraski, New York City; Steve McDermott, The Bowery, Brisbane, Australia; Tobin Ellis, Bar Magic, Las Vegas; and Toby Maloney, The Violet Hour, Chicago. Congrats to all of the honorees!

From the Wall Street Journal: The Manhattan Cocktail Classic (MCC) wrapped up its third edition this month — a 120-hour stretch (more or less) of sipping, sampling, drinking, guzzling and just plain ol’ partying. The New York event has built its own brand of buzz — pardon the pun — with events that appeal to the modern mixology cognoscenti and the up-till-all-hours crowd alike. We admit we fall more into the former camp — for us, the real attraction of MCC is the opportunity to try so many spirits and cocktails that defy convention — but we don’t mind watching the passing parade of partygoers. With that in mind, click here to check out lessons learned from this year’s event.

More than $150,000 was raised for various charities across the country with help from Buffalo Trace Distillery. The Millennium Barrel Bourbon was the last bourbon barrel of the 20th century filled on December 31, 1999, by Buffalo Trace Distillery and set to age in the Distillery’s warehouse V, the world’s only bonded single barrel aging warehouse.


In June 2011, the company bottled this single barrel of whiskey, which yielded 174 handwritten and individually numbered bottles.  Each Millennium Barrel bottle was packaged in a numbered hardwood showcase box that includes a piece of the historic barrel’s charred oak stave. Buffalo Trace Distillery then offered all 174 bottles to non-profit organizations wishing to raise funds for their charity.

Altogether, $152,557 dollars were raised for needy organizations across the United States. For more on this topic, click here.


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