Mixology Trends To Become The New Standard

cocktailOver the course of 2013 there have been some new and interesting mixology trends to hit the main stream. Everything from batching and clarification to onsite barrel-aged cocktails and sourcing locally, will these popular mixology trends continue into 2014 and become the new standard?

Let’s take a look back at this year’s hottest trends.

Batching and Bottled Cocktails: Batching and bottling cocktails cuts down on time and produces quality cocktails in seconds when your guests are thirsty. The key to a good bottled cocktail is creating something that has the perfect balanced between alcohol and citrus or sugar that’s added.

Nitro Infusions: Nitro Infusions or molecular mixology brings science to the shaker to create new flavors, textures, and surprising presentations that enhance the overall drinking experience.  Other popular techniques include the use of foams, gels, mists, heat, solidifying liquids, etc.

Sourcing Locally: Sourcing locally grown products, for not only your food but your cocktail ingredients, is one of the hottest new trends.  This trend gives back to the community, eliminates carbon footprints and provides the freshest ingredients for customers.

Onsite Barrel-Aged Cocktails: Barrel aged cocktails are pre-mixed drinks placed in barrels for a few weeks at the bar. The purpose is to change the cocktail's character and flavor, ultimately mellowing the mix in the same way wines and distilled spirits are aged.

Clarification: Clarification is the process of stripping the pulp and color out of citrus juice to preserve the acidity but aid in cutting down foaming in bottle carbonation.

House-Made Vermouth: In-house, small-batch versions of vermouth are popping up all over the country allowing bartenders to get creative with flavors and lower-alcohol cocktails. This trend goes beyond just vermouth with integration of house made bitters and syrups into cocktail programs.

 Have you incorporated any of these new trends into your beverage programs? If not they are unquestionably worth looking into as we don’t see signs of these trends slowing down in 2014.


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