Monin Gourmet Flavorings Introduces Line of Sweeteners

Clearwater, FL, December 8, 2009 – Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the world’s leading provider of premium flavoring products, is helping operators respond to consumer demand for value with innovative specialty cocktails featuring Monin Sweeteners. The line of Monin Sweeteners offers a variety of premium, easy-to-use sweetening options including a simple syrup—Monin Pure Cane Syrup, as well as on-trend Monin Agave Nectar Syrup and Monin Honey Sweetener.

“Monin Sweeteners are an essential ingredient in any successful fresh bar program,” explains Monin Beverage Innovation Director, Jeff Ruth. “Monin Sweeteners elevate the flavors of fresh fruit using small amounts of product and resulting in very clean, fresh and consistent tasting cocktails.”

According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans are growing more interested in the culinary arts, therefore looking to enjoy unique, creative cocktails for distinctive beverage experiences. Monin Sweeteners allow operators the freedom to work with high-quality sweeteners in an easy-to-use liquid format—a perfect foundation for beverage development. Dissolving instantly, Monin Sweeteners are practical for a restaurant setting and versatile for use in a variety of beverage recipes.

Operators are using simple syrups as a base ingredient for specialty cocktail recipes because they are easier to work with than granulated sugar, but offer all of the same taste-enhancing properties. Monin Pure Cane Syrup, premium simple syrup made from all-natural pure cane sugar, is perfect for any application from sweetening lemonades and lattes to creating your own margarita mix. A simple solution for cocktails, Monin Pure Cane Syrup provides an ideal
platform for creativity and innovation that can be enhanced with the operator’s choice of ingredients.

According to chefs surveyed by the American Culinary Federation, tasteful functional cocktails offering health benefits continue to be popular on menus. DataMonitor reports that beverages featuring agave nectar continue to grow in popularity due to the low glycemic index and health benefits it brings to menu items. Monin Agave Nectar Syrup is made from organic agave nectar, a natural sweetener produced in Mexico from several species of agave plants. Sweeter than sugar, Monin Agave Nectar Syrup allows consumers to enjoy less calories and carbohydrates in their beverages because operators are able to achieve the same level of sweetness with a smaller amount of product. Monin Beverage Innovation Director, Angela Thompson, suggests Monin Agave Nectar Syrup to make fresh sour mix for margaritas and cocktails. Thompson also recommends mixing Monin Agave Nectar Syrup with fresh juices and a little egg white to create a foam topping to garnish cocktails. The additional light and nutty flavor dimension of Monin Agave Nectar Syrup is sure to entice consumer interest, while offering the healthful benefits that they value.

For centuries, the distinctive taste of honey has been a natural sweetener for foods and beverages across cultures. Made with 100% premium natural honey and no added sweeteners, Monin Honey Sweetener offers the true aroma and taste of clover honey for beverage applications without stickiness and operational difficulties. Monin Honey Sweetener dissolves instantly, making it ideal for hot or cold beverages and allowing operators to easily incorporate it on their cocktail menu. Today, consumers are looking for familiarity with a twist.

An Old Fashion or Apricot Sour with a touch of honey offers the unique take on a classic favorite that consumers are looking for with the ease in preparation that operators demand.

Flash-pasteurized, shelf-stable, Kosher certified with no GMOs, gluten or dairy; Monin Sweeteners are the premium sweetener alternatives of choice. Perfect as cocktail ingredients, Monin Sweeteners provide a platform for innovation, health benefits and ease of preparation. For more information and recipe ideas, visit


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