Murphy's Mess

It was a family affair on the J.A. Murphy’s episode of Bar Rescue when Jon Taffer calls on his daughter, Samantha Taffer, to help him out.  Almost immediately Jon loses it when he discovers a cook that has been using her dirty bare hands to handle raw meats endangering customer’s health.  And that’s just the beginning of a long list of issues that Jon and his team faces to dig J.A. Muphy’s out of mounting hole, approximately -$5,000 a week, and turning a profit.  Needless to say, our boy Taffer and his team give the owners, Keith and Joel, a piece of their minds.

Fixing a rat-infested, binge-drinking bar, owned by two fraternity brothers – one who boasts a poor, combative attitude – his hard enough. But after closer inspection the beams holding up the structure are corroded, making the building condemned and unsafe for anyone to be inside.

As construction on the building begins Chef Brian Duffy and mixologists Jenny Costa and Chris Cardone take the Murphy’s staff offsite to finish their training. Days later, once the collapsing infrastructure has been fix, J.A. Murphy’s is fittingly renamed Murphy’s Law and no longer about binge drinking.  Fells Point, MD is a bustling area where 120 bars and restaurants reside in a 76 acre area. It’s steep competition but Murphy’s Law has been set up for success.

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