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This blog focus is centered on trends/events in music, DJs and nightclub promotion and operation. So, let’s get startedManaging Your Environment

What Is Your Club “Music Menu?”

A food menu is all about controls for consistency and cost. From portion size to plate presentation, every aspect of the food experience is closely monitored.

My message is this, if you use a DJ/Music form of entertainment that, too, should be managed. Instead of food menu choices divided by food styles such as fish, fowl, meat or ethnic choices like Asian, Italian or Mexican, your compatible music menu might be Mainstream Pop, Hip Hop, House, Electro/Techno… or an eclectic mix of several of these genres similar to your menu mix.

I was fortunate to be one of the creators of the Bobby McGees European supperclub food/dance concept, the first successful U.S. concept. We had a set specific food menu and, with a background in format radio programming, I reasoned that we should have a similar, "Music Menu" designed and targeted to our upscale dinner crowd and morphing into dancing after dinner.

Because we were in diverse markets like Southern California, Texas and Hawaii, I was then able to further tweak the basic format to that market lifestyle much the same way a restaurant chain might tailors its basic menu to be more market specific.

Today, Wyatt Magnum has taken that simple concept to a whole new level. In my opinion, he is the best music programmer in North America.

That's why when I’m consulting with a client, and we get talking about Music Menu formatting, my first choice is always Wyatt Magnum's Magnum Music Group, which produces custom formats specific to the concept & environment....anywhere from The Four Seasons to a Martini lounge, a Hi-NRG club to a restaurant or Hotel.

Wyatt will be moderating two panels at the  Nightclub & Bar Show in Vegas next week. If you’re looking for professional input on how to tweak you Music Menu, then I highly recommend that you make a note to attend Wyatt’s Monday & Tuesday sessions:

Monday, March 7: "Successful Music Format Design" at 1:00 p.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Room N117).

Seminar Description: One of the most important aspects of any operation is the music. Developing your music format and managing it effectively is critical to the success of most bars. This valuable program will expose the criteria used by America’s premiere music formatting and design companies. Learn how to develop and maintain a successful music program that grows your traffic and the time your customers spend in your operation. Don’t miss industry leader Wyatt Magnum, President of Magnum Music Group, as he shares with you specific winning strategies in determining and implementing the right music format for your operation.:

Tuesday, March 8: "Nightclub DJ Secrets to Success" at 4:00 p.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Room N117).

Wyatt Magnum w/a panel of top-flight DJs::
DJ Penetrate - Houston, Texas; DJ Yale Fox - New York City; DJ R.O.B. - Las Vegas; DJ Wristpect - Toronto Ontario; DJ Frankie - Las Vegas;

Seminar Description: Hot music, hot mixes & hot DJs make for big bucks in the nightclub business! A panel of talented DJs led by Wyatt Magnum, President of Magnum Music Group will discuss what's new and happening in today's hottest DJ booths from those who know best. Topics include music trends and formatting, DJ equipment, lighting, video and more! This is a must attend program for dance club and nightclub operators!

And speaking of DJs and music entertainment, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Jon Taffer and the NCB staff of pros have taken the show this year to a whole new level. With your Club Pass, you can see and hear some amazing and diverse music programming each night at some of the best dance clubs on the planet !!

I’ll be doing a daily blog from the show. You can follow me at: or on .C82CU in Vega. Be safe & have a great show!!


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