Mystique Nightclub

Successful former promoters, Torres Anwar and Darren Cummings purchased Mystique Nightclub in West Palm Beach, FL thinking that they would be sitting pretty. However, they underestimated the hard work that goes into running a venue and how history has a way of casting its shadow.

Plagued by a murder that took place outside the nightclub in 2009, Mystique has turned into a hangout for an unruly crowd. Even with the help of an up and coming promoter the club ultimately spirals out of control, leading to $80,000 of debit that’s climbing by $10,000 a month. 

With the circumstances at hand Torres and Darren decided that it’s time to ask for help. Enter, Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue team to get the nightclub back on its feet.  Upon initial inspection, Taffer identifies that the staff and operational standards are not even close to where they should be for a venue catering to a high-end nightlife experience.    

In order to test their skills, Taffer asks promoter John to pack the place for a soft opening.  Again, the unruly crowds descend on the nightclub and a violent fight breaks out. Police arrive and Taffer immediately shuts the club down. 

With the events of the night behind them, Taffer and the team immediately get down to business training the staff and implementing standards in order to make the venue successful.  Thirty six hours later, Mystique reopens as Aura, a sleek, upscale venue that is all about a positive experience.

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