Mystique or Murder?

Mystique Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL has operated under the shadow of a murder for the past three years. A fight that broke out outside the venue in 2009 escalated, leaving one victim murdered and another seriously injured. This act of violence crippled Mystiques client base and began drawing in troublesome crowds.  The high-end, fun loving patrons that use to frequent Mystique moved on to other venues that felt safer, leaving the West Palm Beach nightclub to fall into a vicious downward spiral.

In order to regain popularity Owners Torres Anwar and Darren Cummings hired an up and coming promoter John to pack the place, giving him 100% of the door profits – an unheard of arrangement in the nightclub business. This poor decision didn’t help their mounting debt, currently $80,000 down and accumulating more than $2,500 of debt each week.  Not to mention the unruly crowds the nightclub continues to draw in. 

This exorbitant amount of debt shouldn’t be the case for Mystique. The bustling Palm Beach area boasts a population of 99,504 people with 30% of them in the Mystique’s core customer demographic. However, with no previous experience owning a nightclub, owners – previously promoters - Torres and Darren decided to make the necessary call to Jon Taffer, host and co-executive producer of “Bar Rescue” and Nightclub & Bar Media Group President, for help.

Bar Rescue

Rescuing Mystique was a first for the “Bar Rescue” team, as it relies solely on beverage sales with bottle service as the driving revenue stream.  Jon’s first order of business, after a shameful display during, Expert Service Trainer, Jessie Barns’ recon, is confronting the staff on their unacceptable bottle service skills and the disgrace that lies behind the bar.  

Expert Las Vegas mixologist from Angel Management Group, Joe Meyer, and Jon immediately climb… literally, behind the bar to find that Mystique has severe sanitation issues including E. Coli infested cutting boards. Upon finding out that there is no standard cleaning procedure Jon makes it clear that if the bar isn’t clean by first thing tomorrow morning General Manger, Greg, shouldn’t even think about coming back.    

However, the question looming over everyone’s heads is ‘Can Jon Taffer restore a positive mystique to this once-cursed venue?’

Tune into Spike TV this Sunday to see the drama of turning around this failing nightclub around in 72 hours and how Jon Taffer’s rescue panned out. Be sure to check out for exclusive coverage of each episode.


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