National Restaurant Association Launches New ServSafe 6th Edition Food Safety Program

The National Restaurant Association is rolling out the next generation of its ServSafe Food Safety manager program this month to meet the evolving needs of the restaurant and foodservice industry. Available now, the new ServSafe Manager Book, 6th Edition (formerly ServSafe Essentials) training materials include optimized, recalibrated and focused content created by the industry, for the industry. Additionally, the website has been redesigned to ease navigation by multiple audiences and reflect the improvements in the 6th Edition.
The new ServSafe 6th Edition contains the latest FDA Food Code updates and is based on a new job task analysis developed exclusively by restaurant operators across segments, academic bodies and regulatory experts for real-life situations. The new edition focuses more intently on the preventative measures to keep food safe, leading to stronger food safety practices and a better trained workforce.
The industry leader for nearly 40 years, ServSafe continues to evolve with innovative changes that make food safety easier to learn and retain. Because the ServSafe program is developed by the National Restaurant Association, proceeds go back into the industry to help improve the foodservice industry through research and education.
The ServSafe Manager Book in Spanish and the ServSafe Manager Online Course will be available in June. Additionally, the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is being updated to reflect the new ServSafe JTA as well as the 2011 Supplement to the 2009 FDA Food Code this month.
The ServSafe program is certified through the American National Standards Institute-Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP), the leading certifier of food safety training.
Certified ServSafe Instructors may access several free tools and resources available on the Instructor Tools page on the new website for seamless transition to the new training materials.

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