National Restaurant News: Top Social Media Restaurant Brands Showcase Customer Engagement

From National Restaurant News:

The first-quarter Restaurant Social Media Index Top 100 is out, and proves yet again that restaurant brands both large and small can equally utilize social media to garner, engage and retain customers in the social sphere.

The latest rankings, covering the first quarter ended in March, show a skyrocketing move from Red Mango, which jumped 18 places in the rankings to No. 3. The frozen treat brand comes in behind heavyweights Starbucks, which retained the top spot, and Wendy’s, which took over from McDonald’s as the No. 2-ranked brand.

Compared to Starbucks, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, global brands that operate thousands of U.S. units, Red Mango operates 170 locations. The Dallas-based brand climbed the rankings on the back of its Sentiment Score, one component of the index that tracks consumer engagement with the brand.

According to Red Mango founder and chief concept officer Dan Kim, the brand uses three platforms primarily — Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare — and is looking into work with Yelp and Google. There are about four people that run social media operations at Red Mango, and they do not outsource activities to an agency.

“We don’t sell through these channels,” Kim said last month in a video interview with DigitalCoco, a social media analytics and digital branding firm. “Once you start to sell to somebody … the authenticity goes way. … Secondly, we use a lot of pictures … it triggers an emotional response as to why they should love Red Mango.”

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