NCB Book Series a The Renegade Server by Tim Kirkland

The Nightclub & Bar Show in Vegas works with leading industry professional to provide innovative and tactical strategies to help you success in the tricky landscape that is the hospitality industry.

This year CEO of Renegade Hospitality, Tim Kirkland will be presenting on Finders Keepers: Finding & retaining Great Hospitality Professionals. His session will focus on impactful suggestions on how to find, train, motivate, and hang on to managers and teams. (Find out more at

However, not only is Kirkland one of the highest rated speakers at the NCB Show he is also a best-selling author. His book The Renegade Server provides fresh, unique insights on how your servers can better engage customers on a personal level and use those connections to drive sales, improve service and develop repeat business.

Nightclub & Bar has provided a synopsis below of Kirkland’s book as an additional resource to further educate the attendees of the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show.

The Renegade Server
Uncommon Strategies for making more money in 21st Century Foodservice

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s becoming more and more important – and difficult – to stand out from the competition. Today’s consumers have higher expectations and place a greater premium on the experience they receive when dining out.  Front-line teams are also constantly evolving as far as what they value, how they learn and what their priorities are.  Still, many restaurateurs are using the same recruiting, hiring and training strategies they were 10, 15 or even 20 years ago.  Many teach their teams the same steps of service, sales scripts and “upsell” techniques and somehow expect greater results.  Your customers are on the move.  Your teams are on the move.  Your training, sales and service styles must be in motion, too.

In the past couple of decades, the United States has witnesses an explosion in the number of corporate, casual dining restaurants. They are our new neighborhood taverns and corner diners.  From downtown to rural areas, Casual and Family Dining chains have become the cornerstone operations of the hospitality industry.  Chain operations now account for over 45% of all restaurants in America.  Today, there is virtually nowhere you can go without seeing the familiar stripes of a T.G.I. Friday’s awning or the trademarked red chili or neon apple hung over a restaurant door.  For many communities, the appearance of an IHOP or Outback heralds the community’s own arrival on the map.

Due to this explosion and increased dining out occasions, most Americans have come to expect roughly the same definition of “good service” from their dining experiences, and most restaurants have adapted their training to suit.  This kind of standardized approach has had a homogenizing effect on service itself in America.  Chances are, no matter where you go out to dine these days; you are receiving some version of the same restaurant experience.

In The Renegade Server, we identify ways that typical restaurant service skills have been standardized, overused and are no longer effective.  We explore how typical sales and service techniques such as scripting, conventional timing and pacing and even the revered “up-sell” are not only delivering diminished results, but may actually be hurting your business.

The program is written from the perspective of the front-line team and how they can make more money, as the behaviors that help them increase gratuities are invariably the guest-facing behaviors that build sales and drive loyalty for your business.   By teaching your front line to be more successful, you intensify their buy-in, and turn them into sales-driving engines for your restaurant.

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